Monday, August 27, 2018

Irene and Matt's Soapbox w/Guest Darryl "Waistline" Mitchell (PODCAST 8/26/18)

 Irene and Matt's Soapbox
August 26, 2018

Matt & Irene

 Darryl "Waistline" Mitchell is a retired Chrysler worker, former union activist and union representative, and grandfather dedicated to educating about how and why the system of capitalism must pass over to a new system of production. He is author of a pamphlet, entitled: "Detroit: A History of Struggle, A Vision of the Future," published by the People's Tribune newspaper. He is author of Marxist Glossary - Expanded Edition: Twenty-First Century American Narrative, and Marxist Glossary - Mini Edition: 21st Century American Narrative 
Darryl Mitchell


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