Why the White House? Why Friday? (Rage Against the War Machine)

March on the Pentagon Presents

Rage Against the War Machine
October 11th to 12th, 2019

Last year around 2,000 of our friends and comrades joined us as we marched on the Pentagon in Arlington, VA, where we called for a revival of a mass antiwar/anti-imperialism movement, attention on the toll war takes on women across the globe, the environmental impacts of war, and much much more.

In 2019, we're fighting for the very same things and we're taking our march to the White House—where we won't be ignored!
We invite you to Rage Against the War Machine with us on Friday, October 11th.

If you aren't outraged, you aren't paying attention and we're committed to educating everyone about the atrocities of the War Machine.

Why the White House?

In 2018, Women's March on the Pentagon (WMOP) evolved after the liberal "Women's March" refused to address the violence of US imperialism as a women's issue. The organizers of WMOP struggled very hard for about nine months to give birth to a principled movement that put people (all people in the world, not just white, privileged, democrat US women) over profit and which recognized the complicity of the Democrats in the care and maintenance of Empire. We constantly reiterated, "it's not about Trump." 

However, this year, we have seen that Trump has been working overtime to prove his devotion to the war machine. Trump has continued the War OF Terror prosecuted by his predecessors and he has ramped up hostilities towards Venezuela and Cuba; increased militarization at the US/Mexico border; supports the illegal settler state of Israel (ie.; moved the US embassy to Jerusalem; continues to have normal relations with the head-choppers in Saudi Arabia and continues to support their genocide in Yemen. Yes, Trump is proving to be an able servant of Empire...as if there were any questions about it to those of us who pay close attention.

Many young people who seemed to be wooed and bamboozled by the Obama mystique have been radicalized by the Trump administration--which is good! They can evolve in their analysis if they get involved in principled actions as Rage Against the War Machine, and we are reaching out to them, for sure! These are some of the reasons we are beginning and ending at the White House in 2019.

Why Friday?

Last October, we marched on the 51st anniversary of the huge March on the Pentagon during the Empire's assault on Vietnam and it happened to fall on a Sunday. The Pentagon put us out in the middle of nowhere for our rally and, if it weren't for live streaming which reached tens of thousands, we wouldn't have been seen at all--we disrupted no "business as usual," and became an echo chamber for people who believe in the same things we do.
In 2019, even though we may lose some in numbers, we will gain in visibility by marching through the streets of DC (with no permit) to go from war criminal enterprise to war criminal enterprise and hopefully, this time we WILL disrupt business as usual and be more visible to people who need to see our message of ending US imperialism to save the planet and the future for our children and grandchildren.

However, we are hoping, with five months notice, working people can get the day off and will be able to join us.

We have other things planned for that long weekend and our plans are developing---please go to our website for more information and to endorse our action! 



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