Sunday, November 3, 2019

"Only the people can save the people" (Soapbox Podcast 11/3/19)

November 3, 2019

Guest: Dakotah Lilly

Topic: People Power in Vz and the pathetic state of the puny "left" in the U.S.

Dakotah Lilly

This week, Cindy welcomes back our good Soapbox friend Dakotah Lilly and they chat about their affection for the late Hugo Chavez and their hope in popular people power in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Also, how can we here in the belly of the most vicious beast on Earth create positive change when we can't even overcome factionalism of the fractured left? Any dissent from the dominant paradigm of "identity politics" is immediately attacked and dissenters are wrongfully labeled as "fascist."

Anyway, listen to the interview for more information on these topics!

Click this image to listen to the Soapbox Interview with Hugo Chavez



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