Lady in a Cage (Day 4 of A Sheltered Life) by Cindy Sheehan

Cindy out for a stroll

I hope this finds all my friends, comrades, and contacts in good health and as good as spirits as possible! For all the sick, suffering, nurses, and caretakers, I send all my love and best wishes! 
I haven't written for a couple of days because I actually had a bit of a tumble when I was out walking the other day---I am fine, just very sore! 
Anyhoo, the scuttle-butt of a possible "Medical Martial Law" and a two-week complete quarantine is very concerning. 
Trust me, I don't want to spread panic, but my concern is not about contracting the Coronavirus (still don't know anyone who has it and there is some evidence that spring will kill it, anyway), what I am concerned about is the enactment of more police state repressions. I am concerned about being trapped in my home for two weeks and I think you all should be, too.
This weekend was the 17th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq (another war that Obama, now Trump, didn't end and is still ongoing) in 2003 and this is also about the same time of year in 2004 that my son Casey was deployed there, to return home in a flag-draped coffin a few weeks later. No matter what we think about the events on 9/11 ("official" version; false flag, ?), I do know that the terrible event that day was used to invade two countries that didn't have anything to do with the attacks and to put in place the USA PATRIOT ACT.  Out of fear, USAians accepted that overreaction, and I believe most are accepting these "emergency" orders out of fear when there is little evidence of an actual health crisis. One of the things I don't understand is on one hand we are being told there are no "available tests" for the Covid-19 virus, but how are there about 20k "confirmed" cases in the U.S.? The propaganda cannot have it both ways. The test reports from other countries have also been shown to give many false positives and false negatives, so the available data is questionable and contradictory.
What will we do if the National Guard and/or U.S. military are deployed on our streets allegedly to protect us and to stop looters? When has the U.S. military been used for humanitarian purposes? It is not a humanitarian organization, it's a group of trained killers and has spread death, destruction, and rape all over the world. Will we be safe on our own streets if the military is deployed? Over age 65 and immune compromised people are more susceptible to Coronavirus, but our young people of color will be the vulnerable ones if martial law is declared. 
Will we cower in our homes like obedient serfs, or will be be heroes?
Of course, my endorsement of fresh air, exercise and safe social contact is not an endorsement to be a Coronavirus Candy---just in case there is a virus out there, we must still take REASONABLE precautions. Do stuff you should have been doing all along: take your vitamin C; get fresh air and exercise; wash your hands; don't french kiss strangers; stay away from obviously ill people; laugh.
This article in Off Guardian analyzes the stats from Italy and 99.2% of the people there who have allegedly died from CV-19, had an underlying, serious illness, or condition and 50% of those had THREE or more illnesses or conditions. So, .08% may have died from Covid-19.   
Today, I watched a pretty terrible movie made in 1964 with the great actress Olivia de Havilland called The Lady in a Cage. During a power outage, wealthy widow Mrs. Hilyard who has an elevator installed in her three-story mansion after hip surgery, gets trapped between the first and second floors in the steel cage. Using the emergency alarm, she doesn't attract help, but scoundrels to rob and terrorize her. Long story short, she escapes, and it really doesn't matter, it was bad. The lesson I learned from this bad movie was that Mrs. Hilyard actually used some pieces of the elevator she ripped apart in clever ways and didn't just sit down in despair. No one is coming to help us, really, and they want us to separate ourselves from our families, friends, and communities when we need each other the most. 
Right now, for me, this time of year is very hard---from the time Casey was deployed to Iraq to April 04, when we found out he had been killed. I crave contact with my loved ones and I crave action: ever since my son was killed, I have used my voice and my energy to oppose U.S. militarism, now there is not outlet: We are to submit to our oppressors, and many of the oppressed here have been agreeing with the evil ones. 
I have SO much to say about all of this, but it's going to be a long process, so, hopefully, I will be back with more observations, soon.
Personal Stats
Me: Healthy (except for my sore muscles from the fall)
My friends/family: All Healthy
Toilet Paper: Haven't seen a roll for sale since Black Friday the 13th
(A couple of local restaurants are selling staples like toilet paper, milk, butter, meat, bread---check it out in your community)
 Food: Most stores are pretty well stocked, so far.

In case of Medical Martial Law, I advised my children to have two weeks of food and other essentials just in case, and the worst scenario is they don't have to go shopping anytime soon. I can last two weeks, if I am careful. 

This song always makes me happy:

Be Well and Looking Forward to Raising Some Hell!


  1. feel you sis. I'm glad you mention 'medical martial law' cause that would be the danger many of us could face. i'd contrast it with the fear tactics people keep sharing of troop trains and 'friend of a friend knows a cop/soldier who says stafford act about to be enacted'.
    not that i trust the govt, only to say capitalism is what rules this country and enacting a draft to have the military numbers to lock down 300 million people would be the antithesis of everything a capitalist theocracy founded on genocide and slavery would do to itself - bad for wall st profits and shareholders. they do it to other countries. doing it domestically would destroy everything the US economy is built upon - sale of debt and the USD being the world reserve currency.
    OK that's Al's Soapbox love you Cindy, stay well.

  2. We found out what the plan was and it isn't martial law, it's a digital currency that they can use to monitor and control you without any troops needed.
    Mission accomplished.


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