State Governors Use Bio-weapons Against our Elders by Cindy Sheehan

"....akin to premeditated murder."
Geriatrician Dr. Michael Wasserman on hearing that Governor Gavin Newsom of California ordered Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) to admit Covid positive patients.

Also speaking of the policy, Dr. Michael Wasserman:
"It's naive and and it's ignorant. If I'm a resident or a family member of a resident, I'd be calling my county and state and government officials and screaming at the top of my lungs, asking them, why they are doing this and whether they want to be elected again."

As I  have exposed before, at least seven state governors have ordered SNF to take patients who were diagnosed with Covid 19. Although, I don't feel that the numbers coming from government agencies can ever be trusted and we probably won't know the entire scope of Covid-19 and the fall-out, I consider any death of any Elder resident of an SNF since about the middle of March pre-meditated murder. Besides not being re-elected, these mass murderers should be in prison for their acts.

It's obvious that the only governor that is facing harsh scrutiny for this policy is Andrew Cuomo of New York. He has been very busy covering his behind. New York's health department exonerated itself and Cuomo has reflected blame back on the facilities saying that they could have "disobeyed" his order. Besides Cuomo who has killed over 5300 Elders with his "orders," I feel that the other governors should be put on the hot seat over this:

Newsom of California: 48% (of C19 deaths were in SNF)
Wolf of Pennsylvania: 68%
Walz of Minnesota: 77%
Baker of Massachussetts: 64%
Whitmer of Michigan: 33%
Hogan of Maryland: 61%

Some uncomfortable (for the governors) questions need to be asked:

"Why was this policy put in place when hospital staff were being furloughed for lack of patients and makeshift hospitals and facilities that were empty could have been utilized?"

"Why were regulations on visitors tightened up while standards were loosened in some cases?"

"Why was the advice of doctors, epidemiologists, geriatricians, and Nursing Home Resident Advocates ignored?"

"How much money in health care, Social Security, pensions, and other elder benefits being saved by state and federal governments?"

"Why is this policy continuing in some states?"

"Who will be held accountable for these barbaric policies?"

"What if it were your mother, father, grandmother, or grandfather?"

"What steps are being taken to improve Skilled Nursing Facilities and increase their standard of care?"

"Why are the rest of us in the general population forced to live under harsh measures to 'protect the vulnerable' when your very own policies have contributed to the killing of thousands of them."

If we allow this wanton Eldercide to be forgotten, then we are saying that our Elders didn't matter and we should just forget about them: That, just because they were near the end of life they had become dispensable, "useless eaters," and hyper-vulnerable to the violence of the state. 

Is this how the US honors Elders? With isolation, deplorable living conditions, and bio-attacks in their residences? Is this how we want to be treated?

The entire Covid19 issue, not just the Eldercide scandal, in particular, has exposed the illegitimacy and failure of health care for profit system that ruins the lives of millions here in the U.S. You can bet your last dime on the fact that Covid19 was an economic bubble as much, if not more, than a contagious disease. Billionaire wealth has increased dramatically while our Elders are being hung out to dry.

Consider this: If it's this easy to murder Elders today, how automatic and easy will it be when you (hopefully) enjoy living to be an advanced age? Will you take the pill? Will you accept by government diktat a bio-weapon in the form of a contagious person in the bed next to yours?

If we don't do anything today, will we even have a choice?

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