Thursday, August 27, 2020

Yuri interviews Cindy Sheehan on US-2020 race, Afghanistan, Cuba, Eldercide


In this latest episode of 1+1, I was so happy to be rejoined by Cindy Sheehan, the remarkable anti-war/anti-imperialist activist and host of the show Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox, and founder and organization of the Women's March on the Pentagon, and now heavily involved in a remarkable justice campaign for elderly coronavirus patients who've been left to fend for themselves and die. 
We discuss the terrible 2020 US presidential race between two rival arch oligarchs/imperialists/racists Biden & Trump and pushback against those who demand we support "lesser evilism" and the betrayals of the Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyns of the world. we then went on to discuss Afghanistan the long forgotten war and Cindy explains to me to us why Afghanistan is not "the good war" as some on the left and others depict it as, the real imperial aims of the war, and pushback against the propaganda that has misinformed people on Afghanistan and why its time to pull all troops out. We then went on to discuss Cuba solidarity, and Cindy once more pushes back against alot of the propaganda regarding Cuban government, she answers my questions on how she would respond to those who would accuse anti-imperialists such as us who want detente and an end to the embargo on Cuba like Iran, Syria, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, and a world of detente with Cuba, China and Russia as opposed to Saudi Arabia and Israel. Are we ourselves engaging in selEctive outrage, Cindy responds to that and shares her own experiences traveling to Cuba. we then end the interview praising the work of past guest on 1+1 and a past guest of Cindy on her program the incredible muckraker Whitney Webb and discuss why is she so criminally underrated and undersought by many popular left-leaning outlets and program, a fan club of Ms.Webb's work is proposed and we discuss the fear of many not wanting to invite her to blow the whole lid of the criminal network that Jefferey Epstein fronted, and Cindy also praises another fine journalist and NGO critic Corey Morningstar.( and we end with Cindy talking about her latest campaign which is justice for the thousands if not millions of elderly patients in the US who've been left to die and fend for themselves during this terrible coronavirus crisis which is a scandal much of the West has been engaging in of keeping the elderly isolated and told there isn't much use taking care of the elderly as its game over when the virus hits. Cindy denounces the elderly abuse which she calls an "eldercide". All of this & more in this episode with our returning champion Cindy Sheehan. if you want to follow Cindy and check out her journalism and campaigns here are the and here is the facebook group: and if you'd like to get in touch with me you can reach me at or my Facebook or twitter.

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  1. Great interview Cindy! Now I want to go to Cuba. I’m glad you’re raising awareness of the eldercide.


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