Sunday, September 20, 2020

Kevin Zeese, ¡Presente! (1955-2020) (Soapbox Archives of Kevin's Interviews)


Cindy and Kevin Zeese at a Protest in DC

Our friend Kevin Zeese suddenly passed away from a heart attack at aged 64 on September 6, 2020.
Kevin was a very kind person, father, partner of activist Margaret Flowers, and generous activist himself who was always very open with his time, resources, and energy to many movements: from antiwar, to national healthcare, to Venezuela solidarity, and Green Party politics (and much more). I first met Kevin in May of 2005, about a year after my son Casey was killed in Iraq. We worked with other activists in exposing the 2002 Downing Street Minutes which showed that the US's invasion of Iraq was definitely based on lies. 
We send our love and condolences to Kevin's family and his partner Margaret Flowers.


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