Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Soapbox Newsletter Jan 18, 2021: MLK, Jr and Social Media Censorship


Cindy Sheehan Banned from Facebook for 30 days!
Dear Friend,
On April 04 1967, (exactly a year to the day before he was assassinated in Memphis, Tn) Martin Luther King, Jr gave an explosive speech at the Riverside Church called: Beyond Vietnam-A Time to Break the Silence. Besides saying that the problems in the US (1967 was also a very tumultuous time, in recent memory and history) could be traced to the "triple evils" of "racism, militarism, and poverty," he made the statement about the USA being the "greatest purveyor of violence in the world today."
Unfortunately, with all of his sacrifice, and the sacrifice of the millions of people throughout our history that have marched for peace, equality, and against state-sanctioned violence in all forms, we find ourselves in a bigger pickle than ever today in 2021 as we commemorate the birth of who most people in the USA only think of as someone who was a Civil Rigths leader, but as his Riverside Church speech in 1967 showed, he was becoming so much more.
Now, it seems social media is starting to ban voices from the right and the left and only allowing mild-stream, middle voices that agree with the established establisment narrative to use those voices. Social media, especially Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, has become and echo chamber of centrist garbage.
Every since I have been on Facebook, I have gotten banned for some post, or another, but this past year, since I have questioned the mainstream views on the lockdowns and the growing police state, my bans are getting more frequent and longer. And I am critical from the left, not the right, so don't paint me as a "Trumpster," as is often the case: I am the same antiwar, anti-Capitalist person I was 11-months ago, except this time, my circle is growing smaller with all the travel restrictions, quarantines and governor dikats. However, I have thousands of followers on Facebook, which has become our primary way of keeping in touch with each other.
If you are on Social Media (I know many of you are not), I have opened a MeWe account until I can find somewhere more suitable for my non-mainstream views on everything from Imperialism to Medical Fascism.
Please follow me on MeWe at this LINK, if you choose.
Love, peace, and solidarity,
(note from Cindy: This article was adapted from a speech I gave at the historic Riverside Church in NYC on April 04, 2005---one year after my son's death and 32 years after Dr. King's assassination).


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Who Really Killed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr (AND RFK)?


Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox continues its quest for truth, peace, and accountability with this offering! Cindy starts with Dr. William Pepper, who talks about his personal associations with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr during the last year of his life, and then the legal battles Dr. Pepper undertook on behalf of Dr. King's family and the patsy: James Earl Ray.  

Dr. Pepper offers an unpublicized retrospective view of the passing of one of our nation's most revered and inspirational leaders.  







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