Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Corona Daily Digest (Weds February 3, 2021)


Corona Daily Digest

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

 We have been in various degrees of the governmental Corona lockdown for almost a year now.

There is/was clearly a coronavirus, but it was never a virulent, contagious, or deadly as we have been lead to believe.

In this column, I will collate what I have found interesting (from sources I trust) on a daily basis: from health news, to vaccine info, to political fallout and posturing.



Robert Kennedy, Jr and his Children's Defense Fund have been my most trusted sources this year. I mean, who is more credible than RFK, Jr?

Diabolical crisis profiteers blocked an effective treatment protocol for the coronavirus strain that surfaced last year containing HCQ because they were already working on a "vax" that they were hoping would get emergency approval from the FDA---well, one of the requirements for Emergency Approval is that no other reliable treatment be available.

How many people died, or were otherwise harmed by not being able to have an effective treatment in 2020? And notice, that the HCQ protocol was approved shortly after the "vax" rollout?

"In other words, if non-vaccine therapeutics for COVID, such as vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc or the inexpensive treatment protocol developed by the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance had been approved as viable treatments for COVID, the experimental mRNA Moderna and Pfizer vaccines wouldn’t have been eligible for Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA. "


Another source that has shown consistent credibility is Sayer Ji and his site: GreenMedInfo (there are always a lot of footnotes)

In March 2020, the CDC changed the way COVID-19 deaths are reported on death certificates, resulting in a dramatic -- and possibly illegal -- inflation of fatalities that drove restrictive public health policies threatening health freedom

Only 6% of COVID-19 deaths include only COVID-19 as the cause on the death certificate, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This means for the other 94%, additional causes are listed, with an average of 2.9 additional conditions or causes of death included.[i]

"This is the most important statistical revelation of this crisis," according to a study by the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge (IPAK), as it reveals that many "COVID-19 deaths" may have been due to other causes. In fact, the CDC published new guidelines on March 24, 2020, which alter the way deaths are recorded exclusively in cases of COVID-19.

The guidelines were published without peer-review or opportunity for public comment, and resulted in a dramatic and misleading inflation in "COVID-19" deaths, which would have been deemed due to other causes using the CDC's longstanding system of data collection and reporting established in 2003. As IPAK's report questioned:[ii]

"Why would the CDC decide against using a system of data collection & reporting they authored, and which has been in use nationwide for 17 years without incident, in favor of an untested & unproven system exclusively for COVID-19 without discussion and peer-review?"




Dr. Vernon Coleman (a retired physician in Great Britain) has been on the front lines of questioning the severity of a "pandemic," the "vaccine" and lockdown measures with his video series called:

Old Man in a Chair

In THIS  segment he talks about the dangers of the mRNA jabs.

Doctors and Nurses Giving the Covid-19 Vaccine Will Be Tried as War Criminals


The Truth About Kids, School, and COVID-19


Federal health officials at the CDC this week called for children to return to American classrooms as soon as possible. In an essay in the Journal of the American Medical Association, they wrote that the “preponderance of available evidence” from the fall semester had reassured the agency that with adequate masking, distancing, and ventilation, the benefits of opening schools outweigh the risks of keeping kids at home for months.

The CDC’s judgment comes at a particularly fraught moment in the debate about kids, schools, and COVID-19. Parents are exhausted. Student suicides are surging. Teachers’ unions are facing national opprobrium for their reluctance to return to in-person instruction. And schools are already making noise about staying closed until 2022.

Into this maelstrom, the CDC seems to be shouting: Enough! To which, I would add: What took you so long?

Research from around the world has, since the beginning of the pandemic, indicated that people under 18, and especially younger kids, are less susceptible to infection, less likely to experience severe symptoms, and far less likely to be hospitalized or die. But the million-dollar question for school openings was always about transmission. The reasonable fear was that schools might open and let a bunch of bright-eyed, asymptomatic, virus-shedding kids roam the hallways and unleash a pathogenic terror that would infect teachers and their families.







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