Brief History Lesson of the Cigarette Industry (from Guest Blogger, Anthony Freda)

The history of the cigarette industry is very instructional to those who possess a childlike faith in our powerful institutions.

Fact 1. They knew for decades that cigarettes were killing huge numbers of people.

2. They hid the studies proving this from the public and the mainstream media had their backs.

3. They worked very hard to spike their products to make them even more addictive.

4. They tried to kill the whistleblowers who were exposing their crimes.

5. They lied to Congress about all of the above.

6. NO ONE WAS PUNISHED for these crimes against humanity. They got away with it and made billions in the process.

7. They knowingly murdered millions, did not care and most people learned nothing from this.

So light up, take your shots and just keep calling me names you fucking fools.


Anthony Freda is an artist, illustrator and activist 





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