Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Guns, Gas, and Big Stick Diplomacy: Shee-Lilly #1 PODCAST (1 JUNE 2022)


Guns, Gas, and Big Stick Diplomacy




Inaugural Edition of The SheeLilly Show

For this premiere edition of the SheeLilly Show, Cindy Sheehan and Dakotah Lilly discuss: Recent elections in Colombia; Biden Begs Venezuela for fuel; and cops in Uvalde “protect and serve” themselves as 19 children and two teachers are slaughtered.

Relevant articles:

US baby formula shortage is a symptom of a broken system

It will take systemic change to fix the deep-seated roots of the current crisis, by Dakotah


The USA is a Massive Death Cult

Where cries for help are rarely heard, and even more rarely answered, by Cindy


In Loving Memory: Hugo Chavez Frias 1954-2013

by Cindy

Cindy’s Morning Smoothie recipe:

One banana

Half a Cup of Frozen Fruit

Serving of Green powder (any type will do)

Serving of Four Sigmatic Mushroom Vegan Protein Powder

Tablespoon of Flax Seeds

Dash of Cinnamon

Green Organix Sea Moss

Cup of Oatmilk and Filtered Water




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