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  1. Inthe first couple of weeks that Obama was in office, he had ameeting in the Oval Office with a large number of people from the9/11 families. These are the relatives of the people who werekilled in the 9/11 attacks, and they came in with a very specificdemand, one demand only: And that was that they wanted thechapter from the Congressional 9/11 investigation report,declassified, meaning that they wanted the Saudi-Bandar issue tobe publicly revealed.And Obama promised he would do it, and then turned aroundand did the opposite. He not only refused to declassify thechapter, but had the Justice Department enter into a series oflegal actions to demand that all of the pending civilprosecutions against the Saudis be dropped. So this wasexplicitly his direct, personal hand, in covering up the entireBandar 9/11 question.And, there's some other interesting aspects of it. Whatcame up, people probably noted this week, is that Bandar wasnamed as the new head of Saudi intelligence. And what he's beeninvolved in, for the recent years, has been coordinating all ofthe funding and arming and everything, of all of these radicalSalafi networks that are now involved inside Syria, doing thesebombings and assassinations, and everything. So he's beenelevated, into an official position, so that he can bettercoordinate this drive for war, which ultimately targets Russiaand China.Now, the other interesting piece of this thing that came outthis week, is that, one of the chapters in the Levin-CoburnReport deals with the fact that HSBC was the correspondent bankin the United States, for one of the Saudi banks, the Al-RahjiBank, that was one of the conduits for the money for some of the9/11 operations. And I think, even more to the point, when RiggsNational Bank was shut down and taken over, basically, all of theSaudi bank accounts in the United States were transferred fromRiggs to New York HSBC. So, ever since, I guess it was 2001-2002,when the Riggs scandal of money-laundering and runningintelligence operations through these embassy bank accounts,resulted in its being shut down, HSBC was given the franchise.So you've got a Bandar-HSBC link. This is a major conduitfor all of the Al Yamamah funds that go into these rottenoperations. But I think the fundamental thing is that, since theday he came into office, Obama has been committed, to actuallyfurthering the coverup that was done by Bush and Cheney, into thereal Saudi story on 9/11.And in fact, there is no longer even a Justice Departmentliaison person assigned to deal with the 9/11 families. That'sbeen completely shut down. So, they have just given a great bigvote of confidence, for Bandar and the Saudis to keep doingeverything that they're doing. And it's all on Obama.

  2. Hi Cindy,

    Are you supporting, or going to be supporting the Green Party this year? I'm sure you've heard and/or seen Dr. Jill Stein. IMO she wold indeed be a huge leap ahead for our country. There are a few Democrats left who I support, and so I encourage voters who want to vote for them to consider splitting their ticket to vote for Stein/Honkala for Pres/VP.

    At the very least I'll know I had the option to vote with my conscience and not have to choose between two corporate choices.


    1. Cindy, if you ran with Jill Stein on a Green Party ticket I would think I had died and gone to heaven.

    2. The world climate is collapsing, due to burning gas, oil & coal.

      We each must shift our gears,
      stop doing our pet projects, and focus on the one main question,
      “What must be done to stop our climate from collapsing?”

      If our whole nation does this, we can solve this problem.
      I have quit doing all my projects, and shifted into only solving the climate crisis question for 2 hours each day.

      If enough people do this, we can come up with a solution.

      Our whole nation was once called upon to make such a single minded shift by President Roosevelt during WWII: the Manhattan Project.

      It began as a letter by Physicist Leo Szilard to the President, signed by Albert Einstein, saying that,
      “a powerful new form of energy had been discovered, and the US should take the lead in developing this energy.”

      Our single minded focus on winning WW II helped us win.

      We must do it again to harness solar energy. We can defeat climate collapse in 5 years.

      Here is what I feel it the best solution: to get a solar feed-in tariff laws passed in each city. In this way we could use market forces to mobilize our whole nation.

      LA Co. has passed a law, a Feed-in Tariff ( FiT ), that requires Utilities (PG&E) to pay property owners $0.17 kwh for solar energy they feed onto the grid. The rate must be one that would attract farmers and home owners to invest & buy 100 panels. Anything less would not be an attractive investment.

      Lancaster, Ca., (LA) just passed a law requiring all new homes to be 100% solar.
      The net effect of these 2 new laws is to make each solar home in Lancaster a money making mini Utilities.

      The goal: A home owner gets free energy, owns 100 solar panels and earns $1,000. a month from solar.

      This may be the solution to the problem of climate collapse. Maybe even the best solution.

      The FiT is now creating thousands of new solar jobs in Lancaster. This will eventually make Lancaster a 100% solar powered city.

      If SF, & every city does this, this will make every home a Utility generating enough energy for 20+ homes and so will shrink PG&E down by 70%, giving money & political power to the home owners with solar.

      After Chernobyl: Frieburg Germany was the first city in the world to pass a FiT law requiring Utilities to pay $0.99 kwh to home owners, in response to Chernobyl. This market approach worked so well, it spread worldwide, city by city, because the rate paid made owning 100 solar panels attractive. And the FiT created a market for the surplus solar. It met the main goal of the Germans after Chernobyl: to shut down all their nuclear power plants. Does there have to be a catastrophe, to get people moving? There are now 6,900 cities with a FiT. Panels last 40 years.

      The FiT has also created a cash flow of over $4 billion, in Germany. A farmer in Germany can make up to $60,000. a year selling solar into the grid.

      Worldwide the FiT has create 9 million jobs: in China, Japan, Denmark, Germany, etc. This alone is the best reason to have a FiT. Why do you think the economies of Germany & China are coming on so strong? They have made the historical shift from oil to solar. This is the shift every nation in the world must now make over the next 5 years, if we are to stop the catastrophic climate collapse.

      Never before has every human on earth been more bound together into one crisis, than this one. This is WW III. A war for peace. Using what we have learned about unity and focus, from WW II, can we save our paradise?

    3. Since when has Stein ever been a real socialist though. Any real socialist outside the US would call her for what she is. A liar and a phony.

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  4. Actually I think the Green Party has made a big mistake that should be investigated as:

    We Call for Independent Investigations of:
    Government Green Party Involvement.

    Whereas Green Party apparatchiks buried the party with its electoral ticket in what seems to have been a private discussion directed by outside elements to undermine the party.

    Whereas when the a good showing would have helped Republicans in marginal states they had the celebrity of Ralph Nader to aid them garner the votes in what undermined presidential aspirant Obama.

    Whereas this time around the Green Party contends for elected office with a no name virtually unknown candidates on a non-celebrity ticket that also helps the incumbents as it undermines the Green Party ability to maximize its electoral showing.

    Whereas the US GREEN party, conversely serves the party in power by under performing which serves this time Democrats.

    Whereas the Green Party seems manipulated by a coterie of intelligence service agents operating within it midst we call for an investigation of the government Green Party relations as subverting the democratic electoral process.

    (see the Marxist Leninist Party of the Netherlands
    exposed in the mainstream media [Independent and Guardian of the UK] as having been started by the Dutch Secret Service for use in Foreign Intelligence gathering and spy operations).

    Bibliographic References:
    Confessions of a fake Marxist (Maoist front for Dutch Secret Service)

    Mr Chips turns out to be 007 (ibid)

    Western Intelligence Agency Connects Wikipedia CIA MI6 and Green Party

    The Moral bankruptcy of Germany’s Greens –New Europe

    Artists Against a US Police State

    1. whaaaat ? I like the idea of Green Party candidates without celebrity candidates. It is the media that makes candidates celebrities through money.
      US politics operates under a 2 party system which cannot be changed, except by revolution. Let's hope that happens soon, before we are all sold into corporate slavery.

    2. I love anonymous people who comment as if they were in the CIA it shows bravery and gut, beside impeccable logic where the American opposition must be shown in the worst possible light as it should not be allowed to convey strength in its ability to field strong personal figures as we are no bodies doing nothing going no where for no body.

      You are bloody mad and by the way Jill Stein Mitt Romney and Obama all graduated from Harvard which you and the rest of the loser twits in America did not point out as you comprise a great police state.

  5. I am on your FB site and can not add any your site blocked?

    Thank you for your time,

    On October 4 th 2012, a group of Veterans went peacefully to the Department of Veterans Affairs with the Intention to create a peaceful Dialogue between them and the Department, all they wanted was to receive Answers to some basic Questions, they were told that a Representative will be coming out to speak to them. 24 Hours later they have yet to see or speak to someone, this is why the veterans decided to remain in front of the Department of Veterans Affairs until their questions are being answered and their demands are being met. Please support these amazing true Soldiers.

    Our Needs & Goals: An Explanation of the Increasing and Alarming Suicide Numbers Among Veterans. The Status of Veterans Job Rates & Current Outreach Measures Being Conducted. Discuss the Cost of Living for Veterans including; Widows and Orphans. Discuss Veteran Medical Options. Set Up A Permanent Liaison Position Between Occupy Veterans Affairs and The Department of Veterans Affairs.

    If you are in the DC area please stop by and show your support for our Veterans. 810 Vermont Avenue, NW – Washington, DC 20420. They could use water and food as well . Thank you for your support.


  7. I thought you had a talk at the UFAA united front against austerity in NY But I can't find any video to that effect. did you speak and do you have a video for youtube. Thank you,

  8. Cindy...Thank you for your tireless work as a mother and an activist.

    1. being a phony white savior sjw does not make one a real activist.

  9. Cindy you are in...let me know if you want more or less copy and any changes. I've updated the "Address Book for the World of Human Beings". This listing has seen my investment of hundreds of hours compiling those included and placing others on the docket to be listed as time permits. With other projects going on, you'll see that I've started adding bios and photo icons that will continue until eventually completed.

  10. It is my honest opinion who ever runs the facebook page should be replaced with someone who can tell us on a daily bases what Cindy is doing to help make positive changes and how she plans to make these changes if elected, rather than the blithering mudslinging crap that is now being posted. I am ready to unfriend and move on. I can get crap and name calling any where.

    Cheryl Strickland

    1. No problem Cheryl
      I blocked you on one should be subjected to the truth if they don't want to be.

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    1. I did put you on my list and contact you...I assumed if you wanted to join us you would meet me us where we began the ride, as was posted. Did I give you the impression we would pick you up in Nevada City?

  12. Cindy,

    Your last Soapbox, dated July 16, reminded my of my own mood about four years ago. Sometime around 2001 a well-informed friend clashed with me on the subject of Israel, essentially pointing to Israel as an immoral state. I then looked carefully into the occupation, reading several online Palestinian and Jewish newspapers. What I saw deeply disturbed me, so I started collecting news items daily, and over several years came to the conclusion that Israel regularly terrorized the Palestinians and was slowly cleaning them ethnically. I wrote a book titled Israeli Terrorism that thoroughly annotated continued acts of terrorism by Israelis against Palestinians. Activist friends thought it was very well done. I then sent one copy each to every member of the Congress, to the Secretary of State, the President, and the Vice President. That cost me a lot of money. I got about a half dozen repliies. Essentially, it seemed as if 99 out of a hundred of those books were thrown out. It was very depressing. I still fight the fight by downloading at least a full run of daily article headlines with summaries, because we simply must stop supporting Israel. No question in my mind, it will be the nation that starts World War III. I have about a gigabyte of news articles collected over years that leads me to that conclusion.

    Your last Soapbox reminded me of that time. You are getting exhausted from continual physical strain and you are depressed. I understant that. We really don't seem to get it nowadays. Our president has killed lots of civilians remotely with drones. Somehow the public is not aware. The media aren't showing it clearly. And yet we can't stop fighting to show the truth. A lot of what we do must be to get information out to the masses of people who are not aware of how much we have used power to kill others who are weaker. It's not like the United States I grew up in years ago. We have to keep pushing to get public awareness. That's what is missing right now.

  13. Dear Cindy,

    Thank you for your tireless work for justice and this info about Fukushima. I am very concerned about how the radioactive water pouring into the Pacific will affect our struggling global eco-system. I sense this may be a watershed moment where our global suffering will be magnified beyond what we can imagine and still we sleep. How can we mobilize people to pressure our government and all governments to use our US resources and miliary (tax money) to help Japan stabilize this situation. Dr. Gunderson and others have put forth solutions that have been ignored. We need the will and the resources to implement them. I contacted Greenpeace but there is no active campaign and time is of the essence. I have called the White House urging Obama to help with the crisis. I am posting on FB without much response and I don't understand why my FB contacts, most of who are progressive, intelligent people, seem to have given up on a viable planet. You are an amazing mobilizer. Any advice you can give about how to leverage our collective power to address this urgent issue is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and blessings,

  14. Here is a link to a story from Press TV concerning some police brutality
    incident that occurred today November 20, 2013 in San Francisco

    If you have not heard about it already, may wish to check it out.

  15. Child of the Empire here.. You are one crazy but and no way you win in Cali with your whacked out conspiracy theories and unintelligent thoughts.

    1. I see, well you must be a genius, because this comment is very coherent and well put together. I will quit now, lol.

  16. Thank you Cindy, ! When are you comming to Az again?

  17. Can you believe the nerve of some people, rude, what does this person think of himself? His Mother? His kids? His neighbors? Is there any good in him at all?

  18. I just watched your interview with Luke from WeAreChange "Why Liberals Should NOT Vote For Bernie Sanders". I just wanted to send you a message because you said your sister has cancer. Does she know about Phoenix Tears or Rick Simpson oil. If she doesn't please send her to these links. Thank you for all your information and hard work.

  19. well he is actually right. My black ass don't follow her phony white savior cool aid and i have still yet to see any of my comments posted.

  20. Every one of your mean-spirited comments have been posted.

    I am not sure why you are so intent on posting mean-spirited things if you don't "follow" me?

    If you look at my comment policy which is clearly posted, I only don't post things that threaten harm to me, or someone else.

    Have a nice grumpy, mean-spirited life. "Amir Jabril."

  21. Hi Mrs. Sheehan,

    I am a student at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs and am doing a research project about you. Unfortunately, I just found this blogspot and my project is due tomorrow. So I know this is a lot to ask but I would really appreciate it if you could answer some questions that I cannot find online.

    If you don't mind, please tell me about your childhood/ early years (where and when were you born? what elementary school did you go? ) What were are your parents names and what were they like? (Did either of them serve?) Do you have any siblings? If so, what were their lives like?

    And just wondering... what would you say is your biggest struggle during your activism.

    Thank you for your hard work!! I really admire you.


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