Saturday, April 25, 2009

Independence from Banks Day: Cindy Sheehan's Statement at the End the Fed Rally in SF

Here we are again in front of the Federal Reserve today demanding that the Robber Class change its “evil ways.”

Thanks for coming out today, but chances that the Robber Class will shut down the Fed and coin money that is debt free and more egalitarian are slim to none; or fat to zero!

What we need to do is change our own systems.

Take your money away from the Robber Class as often and whenever possible.

Take your money out of banks and put it into good, democratic credit unions.

I propose that we start a movement today called: Independence from Banks Day on July 3rd, where we all go to banks, withdraw our money to make a statement to the Robber Class that we are going to start siphoning their wealth instead of the opposite way around. I am going to lead this and remove my business accounts from Bank of America that day. It may only be a symbolic gesture since the Robbers own the Federal Reserve, and we won’t bankrupt them, but if we have enough people we will make an impact and a profound statement. Put your money into Credit Unions that are democratic in leadership/policies and community based.

Sorry I can’t make it today, I am here in Arkansas fighting the Robber Class at every stop but I truly hope you join me on July 3rd to become Independent from Banks on July 3rd…if you don’t have any money in a bank, I would suggest you deposit some money just so you can take it out that day!

Together we can beat the Robber Class. Separately, we will fail.

We have that choice of sinking alone or swimming together, as for me, I prefer to swim.

Cindy Sheehan
Eureka Springs, Ar

Read in absentia

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