Thursday, April 23, 2009

Robber Class Myth 11: You, too, can be a Robber!

If you work hard enough and keep your “nose clean” you, too, can become part of the Robber Class.

I have already done 14 events for Myth America: 10 Greatest Myths of the Robber Class and the Case for Revolution and am on an airplane heading for Eureka Springs, Arkansas for my 15th tomorrow night. At each event there has been a very salient observation: One of the most insidious Myths of the Robber Class is the one where anyone can become part of the Robbers, because America is the “land of opportunity” and our streets are “paved with gold.”
It is true, some people have worked their way up from the Robbed Class to become a Robber, but that is rare and oftentimes, they’ve robbed and murdered to claw their way up to the Robber Class.

Of course the Robber Class wants us to worship and envy them so we do not rebel against them and their crimes but there are several things wrong with believing this Myth in the Robbed Class.

First of all, this Myth is simply, not true. Like I said, some people (Carnegie’s, Kennedy’s, etc) elevated themselves to the status of “Robber Class” by exploiting other people and committing outright crimes. However, immigrants who scrimped and saved and worked hard to escape the poverty and oppression of their countries came to America to find the same conditions only oftentimes worse. The American Dream was a nightmare of sweatshops, indentured servitude, child labor, and debt slavery to company stores. After a few generations, conditions may have improved and some moved up to the Robbed Class divides of Working Class or Lower-Middle Class or, even Middle Class, but few attained Robber Class status.

Secondly, the “if you work hard and keep your nose clean” concept says to each person that we do not deserve basic human rights, right now! That only if we attain Robber Class divinity, then we have the rights to good education for us and our children; good health care; healthy food; shelter and other basic human rights. Somehow by the accident of our births, we feel, wrongly, that we are not entitled to these things? Remember, Robbers are most often born to wealth and privilege or groomed from a young age to be used by the Robber Class.

Hello, fellow human being! Wake up! You are entitled to those things now! Why should we have to lose our homes while the Robber Class lives in mansions and is becoming wealthy off of the expansion AND contraction of the housing bubble?

Why should our children have to die in wars or go into lifelong debt to go to college?

Why should a busy working mother have to drive through McDonald’s for “Happy” Meals for her children because she can’t afford healthy, fresh food or the time to cook for her family?

We waste our time going to the Robber Class Politicians to demand such things as: more money for education (health care, housing, social programs, or whatever) and the RCPs tell us: “We don’t have any money.” However, if Goldman-Sachs or AIG goes to members of their own Robber Class and say: “We need money so we don’t have to lose any money paying for our own crimes/mistakes,” the Robber Class says: “How much do you need and will you take a check from the Federal Reserve?”

Thirdly, why would you want to be a Robber? You know what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet or to have good relationships and health! If a few are wealthy, then many are poor. I am not against wealth or comfort, but not when it comes at the expense, health or welfare of another Human Being.

You cannot, and should not want to, become a part of the Robber Class. We should all be comfortable and have access to good education, health care and other human rights without exploiting the labor and lives of others.

If we practice the suggestions at the end of my eBooklet that appear in Conclusion: Revolution, we will all become the Robin Hoods of our time: Stealing from the Robber Class to keep our resources and wealth in the Robbed Class---instead of the way it’s always been: stealing from the Robbed to give to the Robbers!

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