Warnography by Cindy Sheehan

“We’ll know it when we see it.”
Richard Holbrooke, Special US Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan on defining victory in Af-Pak

"I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced . . . [b]ut I know it when I see it . . .”
Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart defining pornography in 1964

Well, there you go…Richard Holbrooke has defined the US’s demented mission in Af-Pak as an indefinite proposition and when I say “define” I am joking, because what kind of definition is “we’ll know it when we see it?”

Oh yeah, I know what kind of definition that is; it’s a Bush era definition, which is totally appropriate because it seems like in so many ways that we are still in the Bush/Cheney era…or error.

In a related article, Bush/Obama Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, spells success in Af-Pak even more ephemerally than Holbrooke when he said: "Mysteries were those where there were too many variables to predict. And I think that how long U.S. forces will be in Afghanistan is in that area." I know I had to read that last sentence a few times before it even began to make sense to me.

Does this inspire confidence in anyone that A) high ranking officials in the Obama Administration are either profoundly stupid, or deliberately obfuscating on the length of the “mission;" and that B) as in Iraq, the US is never leaving that beleaguered region unless our ass get deservedly handed to us like the USSR’s was.

What is a “mystery” to me is where the anti-war movement is.

There has been no significant removal of troops from Iraq and there has been a very significant increase of troops to Af-Pak, with the unfortunate commensurate increase in casualties on all sides, yet there is very little movement in the “movement.”

McCain would be doing the exact same thing that Obama is doing in Iraq-Af-Pak: the EXACT same thing. There is no difference between what Obama is doing and what McCain would be doing, except Obama has a (D) behind his name.

The profound difference to us here in the grassroots would be that if McCain were president, faux-gressives would still be up in arms about the wars and, even though our protests wouldn’t change McCain’s mind, at least we could retain our moral high-ground, that has been sold out to the Democrats for absolutely nothing in return.

War always has been and always will be the most obscene slasher-porn ever invented by deeply sick minds and perpetuated in the 21st century by even sicker minds that kill indiscriminately for power and profit.

I know evil when I see it.

War is evil and the US Empire that is the “greatest purveyor of violence in the world today,” (MLK, Jr.) is the greatest evil no matter who is at the helm of the ship of state.


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