Afghan Democracy Movement by Cindy Sheehan

In my opinion, two things make the continuity of policy from Bush-Obama so very heinous—besides the tripling of troop strength in Afghanistan and no reduction of troops from Iraq—are the escalation of drone bombings and the escalation of the use of military contractors (read mercenary killers) in the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan. These two policies were profoundly wicked when George was at the helm and just because there’s a new imperial skipper the policies don’t become any less evil.

But what is the major reason that the murderous policies of Bush flourish under the “Change” regime? It’s because the Robber Class has built-in a “fail-“safe for its Military Industrial Complex. Every four to eight years, a good segment of the US population becomes re-enamored of the political system. These are mostly good people who would never dream of supporting Bush and his policies, will defend the same policies under Obama tooth-and-nail!

For example, I recently received an email from a “liberal” mother whose son was “tricked” into joining the military by a lying recruiter. Her son is now stationed in Afghanistan, but she wrote to “vehemently” disagree with my plan to hold “theatrics” in Washington, DC next year because Obama “knows more” than I do and I will be “playing into the hands” of the likes of “Sarah Palin.”

First of all, Sarah Palin is just another convenient idiot to scare “liberals” like the Army Mom into a paralysis of action and unreasoned support of disastrous Democratic policies.

Secondly, what we are planning for Peace of the Action next year is not “theatrics” but an increase in anti-war activity and the intensity of that activity with the intention of ending the wars. We really could not care less who the president is right now--what we care about is human life being saved.

Thirdly, if Obama knows more than me, then I guess Bush did, too, and I reject that thinking! If Obama "knows more" than I do, why didn't he lay out a more compelling case for his escalation that did not lay 911 as its foundation again?

Finally, I told this mother that I spent last week with Afghan refugees in Oslo that do “vehemently” disagree with her position of supporting Obama’s policies.

I am working with Afghan peace and democracy advocates in Oslo to spread this movement all over the world to help Afghans work for democracy and peace in their own country and everyone of them agrees that the major impediment to Afghan peace and democracy is the US military occupation and the puppet Karzai government.

Do these Afghans support the Taliban? Hell no, but they realize that the deadly US military presence in their country is literally shoving the people of Afghanistan into the arms of the Taliban, because: A) They have a mutual enemy—us; B) for jobs (the Taliban pays its army to fight ours); and C) for a tenuous amount of security.

If we care about the people of Afghanistan, then we must also vigorously oppose the US military occupation AND help them work for a positive solution that will not leave too much of a power vacuum when Karzai and the Americans are finally expelled from the country—as they historically and inevitably will be.

I am very excited about helping this movement for the autonomy for Afghan people and I will be writing an article with an Afghan refugee soon to outline the specific details of the movement.

The organization—Peace and Democracy for Afghanistan needs someone to help build their website (on a volunteer basis). Please let me know if you can help.


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