The Drone Bomber

Jeez—hasn’t the world suffered enough at the “antics” of the Robber Class at the annual White House Correspondent’s dinner?

I mean, crap, we have been “treated” to George Bush looking for the fabled WMD after so many people had been hilariously killed in Iraq (and that was just the beginning). And how will we ever get the picture of Karl Rove dancing and rapping out of our heads?

Over this past weekend, we were regaled with another lame performance by a president. Of course, with the audience laughing hysterically as if Obama were smashing watermelons, you wouldn’t think the performance was lame—unless you can and do still think.

Obama joked about the new draconian and un-Constitutional law in Arizona—which isn’t funny to millions of people. NAFTA and CAFTA and GMO’s are deadly serious business and instead of joking about human right’s violations, our government should be repealing these programs that force Latinos to risk their lives to come north to support their families.

Since the day the Nobel Laureate was sworn is as emperor, he has increased the use of CIA controlled drone bombings in Pakistan. In fact, the raw numbers are triple those of the final five years of the Bush regime. Obama is the Drone Bomber for sure and thousands of civilians have been killed or chased from their homes into filthy refugee camps by Obama’s war of terror.

To these people, joking about dropping Hellfire missiles on the Jonas brothers is no laughing matter. Are presidents really that freaking insensitive, or do they just not care if their “jokes” are in the poorest of bad taste?

Yes, if you haven’t heard, Obama did inform the Jonas brothers who were in attendance at the dinner that if they had any romantic designs on his two young daughters that he would target them with “Predator drones.”

The ironic thing about this threat is that this president has taken it upon himself to sign death warrants for Americans without due process. Again—not funny, dude.

In fact, you scare the hell out of me.


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