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Cindy Sheehan : I think, by now, that I have been called every nasty, dirty, demeaning, and just plain old, mean, name in the book.
I won’t bore you with a list of names, but today, I got called, “Teabaggish,” by a “friend” who doesn’t like that I occasionally point out truths: Truths that were truths on January 19, 2009 and are still true today.
Apparently, with this new epithet, I am being equated with the Glenn Beck following, slogan-slinging, knee-jerk reactionary, Sarah Palin lovers, who criticize Obama and the government. I hate to tell my “friend” but I have been doing this long before there was a Tea Party and Sarah Palin was still mayor of Wasilla. My “friend” knows this because he used to applaud me when I said exactly the same things when Bush was president.
I am still struggling with the Hope-nosis that has inflicted this country and the fact that it has infected the same people who were coming to the certainty that the U.S. is an evil empire while Bush was president. Now, that certainty is fading into the woodwork because there is a New Dawn (hey, isn’t that the name of one of Obama’s murderous operations in Afghanistan?)
In a recent speech the president gave at a commencement address in Michigan, he even said that if we call the government bad names, like “socialist” or “fascist” we are comparing the U.S. to other “murderous regimes.” Well, duh.
Either the killing of innocent and mostly brown people stopped on January 20, 2009, or I am “Teabaggish.”
I can almost give a 100 percent guarantee that if George were still president, or if McCain had won—I wouldn’t be called “Teabaggish,” for speaking out against the escalation of the illegal occupation of Afghanistan and the continuation of the illegal occupation of Iraq. I bet if I pointed out the fact that UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) use has tripled in Pakistan since January 20, 2009, it wouldn’t be met with hostility if it were McCain authorizing that usage.
And what about that Presidential Assassination Program whereupon the new president who is a Constitutional Authority can sign death warrants for any American and the “hit” will be carried out? To me this is one of the most egregious violations of civil and human rights that has ever been perpetrated in this country and there is no bill in Congress to stop it, very little grassroots movement against it, and certainly no hue/outcry from the corporate media.
How can Obama just reserve this right to himself? Why is no one asking this question and demanding the answer? Then the next question that arises immediately following that one (if you’re not Hope-notized) is—what will he come up with next? As my daughter recently said: “why don’t they just take away all of our rights and get it over with?”
Not only have I been called “Teabaggish” recently, but I have also been accused of constantly “whining” without offering solutions. Of course, I offer solutions all the time—but people like my nuevo-critics don’t want to hear them.
As long as we here in our class continue to allow the elites to pull the proverbial wool over our eyes every four years to have us believe that WE have a choice for whom we vote for, or that there is any difference between Goldman Sachs Candidate A or Goldman Sachs Candidate B, these wars, economic degradation and other oppressions will continue.
I don’t offer get-free-quick schemes—I also don’t propose false hope that perpetuates cults of personality and not relevant and positive change.
My solutions offer hard work and long hours, but the benefits are peace, justice and economic equality. We can’t count on our bought and paid politicians to make things right. It ain’t going to happen no matter even if one of them talks pretty or is able to pronounce “noo-klee-er.”
My solutions also require personal integrity and courage. And in this election year, we can exercise these two attributes and vow not to vote for another war-monger—if your Congress Rep votes for the 33 billion dollar war funding bill that is coming up—vote against him/her if there is a viable alternative, if not, have the courage NOT to vote.
I know that the corporate candidate from the War Party (One of the ones with the “D” or “R” behind their name) will probably still win, but at least your own conscience will be clear and your statement will be made.
Try it. You’ll like it.

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