Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just go, Pelosi! by Cindy Sheehan

"Don't worry, my love, impeachment is off the table."

Cindy Sheehan for Congress paid thousands of dollars at the end of my campaign in 2008 to post this photo in the San Francisco Chronicle. To us, it showed the hypocrisy and hopelessness of the "opposition" parties in the Federal Government. Pelosi would not impeach George Bush because they were cut from the same expensive silk cloth--the pattern is the only thing that differed.

Both Pelosi and Bush come from political families with long pedigrees of exploitation and cronyism--George's time in office enriched many of his and Cheney's business associates (and themselves) and Pelosi's tenure has also proven to be profitable for her family and friends. Both are shameless frauds, but they are only two of the most recognizable and notorious.

Today, I was sent an article that was posted on a site called BigGovernment where Nancy's daughter, Alexandra (documentarian of slime ball, Bush), noted that her mother desperately wants to leave Congress, but her (I am not making this up) "donors" want her to stay. 

First of all, why did Alexandra say, "donors" instead of "constituents?" Isn't the very definition of prostitution one where someone is performing a task or duty solely for money--where a benefit is conferred? Well, with Pelosi's inside trading and conferring of government pork to her friends and family, she certainly has perfectly played the part of political-prostitute.

Secondly, why is Ms. Alexandra Pelosi "leaking" this information at this time? I think the traitor Pelosi should leave Congress, and as a matter of fact, flee the country in disgrace, but I have discovered in my short public life that very little happens by "accident." Nancy Pelosi has grabbed power by the balls and has wielded it simultaneously as a weapon and a carrot. By all reason, when she blew her stint as House Speaker, she should have resigned, or at the very least, had her leadership stripped from her--but no, she clawed her way back up to the top. Nancy is no long, suffering public servant. She is a full-member of the political corruption machine. I don't have the answer to my own question, but when one reads the article, if one has a brain--we can see that Alex didn't just let this little nugget of info slip.

With even establishment adoring, 60 Minutes, highlighting the former Speaker's financial indiscretions, I think that, "Spending more time with the family," is just code for: "Oops, I got caught and I better leave before I am forced out."

Has Nancy's Robber Class depravity finally caught up with her? 

Is she just the lead rat leaving the sinking ship of state?

I am no fan of any career politician and I think most of the 535 members of Congress should resign in disgrace, but I have a particular disgust for the fraudulent Pelosi who is still unbelievably heralded or denounced at some kind of far-leftist from a far-left district.

Oh, yeah?

Spend two years living in that "far-left" bastion of the status quo and running for Congress on a truly progressive-left platform and you will also discover the truth.


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    I'd rather have Pelosi over you or Dead Mail Order anywhere near politics. Look at this way. Every election you lost, that should show you where this country stands every time you plot yourself in the spotlight.


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