Who Really Killed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr (AND RFK)?

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox continues its quest for truth, peace, and accountability with this offering! Cindy starts with Dr. William Pepper, who talks about his personal associations with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr during the last year of his life, and then the legal battles Dr. Pepper undertook on behalf of Dr. King's family and the patsy: James Earl Ray.  

Dr. Pepper offers an unpublicized retrospective view of the passing of one of our nation's most revered and inspirational leaders.  

Cindy's dear friend and good Soapbox buddy, Ray McGovern was brutalized at an event where Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton, was speaking, condemning foreign governments for treating protesters harshly.  Ray stood in silent and dignified protest, turning his back on her - when he was blindsided, manhandled and arrested - for peacefully protesting.  (Fine job Hillary:  Show everyone how we respect our own protesters, here at home!)  Cindy chats with Ray about that awful experience.  


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