Who Really Has the Power Venn Diagrams

Thanks to geke.us for these pie Venn Diagrams showing what really runs this country.

Still think you can vote your way out of this?


  1. Thanks, Cindy.

    No one can or will save us from catastrophic climate disasters and endless wars. We are the ones we have been waiting for: Radicals, rebels and revolutionaries who will never give up and never give in. Success is not guaranteed and we may not be able to stop the speeding train (per Howard Zinn) but we will not stop trying because the alternative (total exploitation of people and destruction of the earth) is unthinkable.

    Time is no longer on our side because the planet is toasting, but all our corrupt systems are unsustainable and are doomed to collapse. But we are already building the new systems (barter, sharing, walking, biking, boycotts, strikes) and no one can predict the future.

    Something unexpected may happen soon that will change everything, as has happened many times in history when people realize they have the power to organize and fight back....for peace and justice and planet.


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