Comments From The "Statement For 9/11 Justice" Part II

The following are some of the comments left by people that signed the "Statement For 9/11 Justice." Here is Part I. If you haven't signed it, why not?
"I wholeheartedly support any action that will help to get the truth out there for Americans - they deserve to know the truth."
"All of us must support this petition, now!!"
"I just want to know the TRUTH...that's all, simply the TRUTH of 9/11!"
"For the last 30 years, going back to the Iran/Contra Israel/Lebanon days, things have been steadily going to hell in this country and throughout the world in general.. America has become a shadow of her former self and her reflection is SHAMEFUL! Her Shame has become infamous! "We" Americans demand the truth of 9/11. We demand that our leaders no longer take the rest of US, some 80%, for suckers anymore.. ENOUGH!"
"Where's the transparency about 9/11? Tell us the truth."
"It's time for the truth."
"A thorough investigation is long overdue, the families of the victims deserve the truth!!"
"This has to be the most important petition I have ever signed."
"The Truth will come out and the world will change for the better..."
"I will not condone the 9/11 cover-up!"
"I agree wholeheartedly with the above statements and believe that as a patriot and Christian, I have an obligation to seek the truth about what really happened on this horrible day."
"I have waited for ten years to hear this truth to be told. Thank you."
"It's high time people were brought to justice for this atrocity. We were lied to from day one."
"Bless your heart :)"
"Thank you for the chance to voice these concerns."
"It has been 10 years and few credible answers. It is time for an truly independent investigation. Despite vicious, biased and slanderous attacks from the mainstream media and corporate- bought politicians accusing anyone who dares question the official report of being a "crazy conspiracy theorist", the people, not the powerful few, will not let this die. We, unlike them, value democracy and justice and we will not end our struggle for these principles and for real, rational and scientifically based answers to these crucial questions until justice is served."
"When we find the truth of, 9/11, and we will, it has the potential to change the world for the better unlike anything ever in my view... We can end living the "BIG LIE" which hurts all of us in more ways than one..."
"I fully support the victims of the 9/11 attacks' families. I was appalled to discover that some of the victims families felt there has not been a full investigation. I support them in every way."
"It's clear that there's been a massive failure to investigate important information. This calls into question the motivation of those who have held "official" inquires. Why have these people falied to look at compelling evidence? Why have they failed to interview people with first hand knowledge of facts surrounding this? Why have they invented elaborate rationalizations for what cannot be hidden?"
"Hi, The complete TRUE story has to be told now. I can't live with the fact that my children, when they're old enough, are taught about Al Qaida and 911 in history lesson. I don't know what's the real truth, but I know for sure that there's more going on then we were told."
"There are far too many inconsistencies in the official story. I believe that any rational person who studies the facts will see this. I wholly support an independent investigation into the events of 9/11. The victims, their families & loved ones and all those who have died as a result of 9/11 and its consequences deserve nothing less!"
"Why have the American people not stood up collectively and demaded an impartial and comprehensive investigation. This inaction defies belief. Something must be done."
"The collective slumber has to end some day, I pray. Thanks to Cindy and all her amazing efforts to help wake up all dozing americans. Open your eyes and think for yourselves please!"
"Justice for all the victims of 9/11 is best served with a real investigation into the crimes committed that day. The American people demand an independent investigation."
"People around the world have the right to know the truth about 9/11, especially after the subsequent effects on world policies, regarding war against Muslims, Guantanamo, etc."
"The changes implemented since 9/11 are inexcusable violations of our privacy."
"Time to clear the air. It's long overdue."
"I, like so many other American patriots am so overwhelmingly appalled that we still have no justice for the real perpetrators of 9/11. It affects my very being, every day, like a toxic substance inside me. I pray this country, and indeed the world will one day be told the TRUTH and this corrupt system we exist in can be exposed and become a part of mainstream knowlege. Only then, after realization of this well-crafted horror, and overturning of it's resultant police-state environment can we ever recover as a democratic nation. No one deserves to live in fear from anyone, especially our own "leaders". WE, THE PEOPLE did not sign up for any oligarchy!"
"I feel that we have a duty to those murdered on 911 not to let their deaths be used to support a monstrous lie, that is in turn being used to murder thousands more."
"I stand with my fellow citizens in search of truth."
"Those who have something to hide fear a close examination of events. Those who seek truth desire a close examination of events. The victims and families of 9/11 deserve a close examination of all aspects of the tragedy. The American people do, also. If we have to fight to find the truth- let's fight to find the truth."
"May the 9-11 victims, their families and everyone affected find some peace through truth."


  1. People need to unite about this. One massive voice instead of lots of small groups.

  2. The reason people don't gather around this issue is the same reason people don't gather around the issue of them being owned citizens of the federal corporation united states, that reason is: the masses of people don't know love.

    THATS THE TRUTH almost no one wants to hear, recognize or investigate.

  3. Hey Jon, since you are so well-versed in the Able Danger stuff I hope you can pull some commentary together to go with the attention given to Sen. Specter's death.


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