Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Revolutionaries Wanted! Cindy Sheehan for Cal Gov, 2014

Cindy Sheehan for Cal Gov 2014 is talking about no less than a complete reversal of the status quo in our struggle for peace, social justice, economic equality and environmental sustainability.
Revolutions can begin with the spark of an idea, but the spark must be fanned into a purifying blazing inferno.
Our goals are lofty, but very possible if we join in the struggle together!

Campaign Co-ordinator
The following positions can be state-wide, regional, or local:
Social Media Co-ordinator(s)
Petition Signature Gatherers
Volunteer Co-ordinators
College Campus Co-ordinators
Fundraising Co-ordinators
Action Organizers
Street Heat Teams
PR Co-ordinators
for more info, or to volunteer.
(Some positions can be done from out-of-state)

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  1. Don't forget the election frauds, Black Panthers, Weather Underground bombers, Purple Goons, signature forgets and corpses you will need to pull this off. Better hire extra sanitation workers to handle the piles of bodies your little party will leave.

    You can bet your ass we will resist you to the last man.


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