Thursday, August 6, 2015

HAPPY Camp Casey DAY: 10 Years After (SOAPBOX PODCAST 8/6/15)

AUGUST 6, 2015


Today is the 10th anniversary of when we first marched down Prairie Chapel Road in Crawford TX so I could demand a meeting with then US president George Bush to ask him
"What Noble Cause" murdered my son and hundred of thousands of others.

Of course, George Bush didn't meet with me, so we sat in the ditch on Prairie Chapel Road (where we found shade) and set up what became known as Camp Casey (named after by son by Iraq vets who were with me that day).

Since that day 10 years ago, I have worked tirelessly for peace and justice (IMPEACH BUSH AND CHENEY), but the wars continue because many activists pledge allegiance to, not peace or humanity, but partisan politics.

 Podcaster Jon Gold interviews me about Camp Casey, 10 years after.

Please listen to this show with many insider anecdotes and setting the record straight about the wonderful 25 days of Camp Casey in August of 2005.

Did I mention it was hot?

My good peace comrade Ward Reilly of VFP found the original email I sent out on 8/3/2005:

"7.67 deaths per day for August.
7.67 deaths per day for August.
Cindy Gold Star 4 Peace Sheehan
[Keep this message at the top of your inbox]
Dear Friends

We can relax now. From the war zone of Crawford, Texas, George said that we families of loved ones that have been killed in Iraq can: "rest assured that your loved ones died for a noble cause."

I am going to be in Dallas this weekend for the VFP convention, and I don't care how far Crawford is from Dallas, I am going to that mother f'ers ranch. I will not leave until he explains to me exactly what the noble cause is. I hope some VFP's will join me in the crusade to Crawford. If they don't, I know my sister will, and we will go alone if we have to.

It has to stop. The time is now. I mean it.

Peace soon,
Cindy Sheehan
Buddy Spell (my attorney) be ready for a call...."


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