Sunday, September 27, 2015

An Injury to One with Ajamu Baraka (SOAPBOX PODCAST 9/27)

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox
September 27, 2015

GUEST: Ajamu Baraka

TOPIC: Enlightened analysis of Syria and Sanders, etc

As Brother Ajamu points out in this interview, citizens of the US, for the most part, feel no solidarity with those outside our borders.

Some are willing to trade the lives/livelihoods of those outside the US borders for campaign promises of mild reform.

The mantra of the Wobblies, "An Injury to One is an Injury to All" does not just apply to worker solidarity, but international solidarity with other human beings on this increasingly smaller planet we share.



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  1. he's talking to Cindy Sheehan and yet slamming "white" leftists. Got to get identity politics out of politics.


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