Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Obama Bows to Mass Murdering Tyrants by Anthony Freda

The Saudis are taking a much needed break from beheading dissidents, homosexuals and adulterers to
greet Obama this week.

“The American people send their greetings, and we are very grateful for your hospitality,”
Said Obama to his criminal hosts.

Obama will no doubt reassure the tyrannical regime that he will continue to arm them with the weapons they need to perpetuate mass slaughter in the region.

Arms sales in general — and specifically to Saudi Arabia — have been a consistent element of Obama’s tenure.
“Many Americans would be surprised to learn that his administration has brokered more arms deals than any administration of the past 70 years, Republican or Democratic,” said William Hartung, a senior adviser to Secure Assistance Monitor, a progressive group that tracks arms sales.

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  1. If the US would simply return to a 19th century agrarian society we could tell the OPECers to stuff their oil.
    And why are we selling our military tech to those murdering, women subjugating, terrorist financing, overly rich jerks for anyhow?
    They won't use it the way we want them to.
    And when are you people going to stop being surprised at how worthless Ol' Big Ears is. We all knew(well, 48% of us did)that he would be a nightmare.
    Just imagine the next nightmare to be 'elected'.


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