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Who, What, When, Where, and Why? War Crime Report by Cindy Sheehan

Who, What, When, Where, and Why
War Crime Report

Cindy Sheehan

Who: The US War Machine: the diabolical Bush Regime at the controls

What: Imperial war for profit based on manufactured evidence and nationalist propaganda.

When: (This incarnation) March 2003 to present.

Where: Iraq

Why: Because the US War Machine needs perpetual war for perpetual profit and to subjugate the people of the world and suck the life out of those in the US.

Every good crime report or newspaper article needs to answer these five questions and this is a war crime report.

Twelve years ago at the writing of this piece, my son Casey, a soldier in the Imperial Army was killed in Iraq. April 4th, 2004 was a terrible day for my family, but our tears were like a drop in the ocean compared to what millions in Iraq have suffered, really for several decades, under the gunsights of US war profiteers.

The US war against the people of Iraq was a major conspiracy to commit mass murder. There have been many exposés of the lies and mass-marketing propaganda which led to the 2003 Shock and Awe invasion. Once the initial felony was committed, many other war crimes were piled on. Since preemptive wars of aggression are an international crime, all subsequent actions fall into that category also. However, ironically, like all US wars before and after, the only criminals held accountable are those at the bottom of the blood drenched food chain.

I fear, being in the midst of another US electoral quagmire of propaganda and distraction, that the fact that active violence is still happening in Iraq (and so many other places) is being ignored or forgotten. The stain of the Bush Regime is fading into the Memory Hole and Bill Clinton is still struttin’ his war jackal self around in support of his wife’s criminal aspirations. Few blink an eye at this injustice, while some of us still blink at it through our tears.

Not one of the candidates of either wing of the War Party are saying that the people of Iraq deserve justice and reparations (of course, they aren’t—most are complicit in the crimes). In fact, when Obama was vying to be the Big Boss of the US Crime Mob, he said that justice for all the crimes of the previous murder regime would not be prosecuted because we had to “look forward.” Remember that? I wonder how many more USAians have gone to prison in the last seven years not knowing that he Boss said that we were now “looking forward?” I just know not one of those people who have been incarcerated were members of the Bush Crime Mob. When will a sitting Crime Boss ever seek accountability from his predecessor when he/she will be looking for the same professional courtesy from future Bosses?

I miss Casey so much, especially around holidays, his birthday and the beginning of April which brings allergy season and emotional agony to me. This heartbreak is compounded by the fact that I know that each and every day more mothers and families will unnecessarily feel the same unending anguish.

I recently gave an interview to RT Arabic (LINK in Arabic) and I was asked if I would join the mothers of Iraq in seeking justice. The short answer is “Hell, yes!” I have received a few emails since then of people from Iraq who are suffering such unspeakable loss as we search for that elusive accountability moment for the deaths of our children and other loved ones.

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  1. Don't worry about Iraq being forgotten. It is being deliberately avoided like the plague. The only person talking about it regularly is Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who is supporting Sanders. Sanders, however, was never very committal on the subject, and was an Assad and Chavez hater, so he seemed to get his talking points from the State Department. I see more posts about the horrors and war crimes in Iraq lately, as more information surfaces about them. For example, there was one just recently on the injustice of the Hussein trial. Thank you for keeping this issue always in the forefront.

  2. The Iraq invasion was ill conceived and the occupation is fruitless. The reentry of US forces there will accomplish nothing. There is little hope of nation building, and no reason whatever to continue meddling in the affairs of insane people.
    The civilian casualties there are largely due to the fractuous nature of islam. There will be no peace there. Ever.


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