Obama's Reign of Terror by Anhony Freda

Official Obama whitewashes and unofficial hagiographies of the president are soon to be invading real and cyber safe-spaces via the corrupt corporate media and partisan pundits and operatives.

Obama haters from the neocon camp will no doubt also be churning out predictable polemics in which Barak Hussein is attacked from their extreme vantage point. Measuring him by hyper-hawkish and authoritarian standards helps perpetuate the myth that he is a man of peace and freedom.

The following is a look at Obama's reign and his real impact on the world from an anti-war and pro-liberty perspective:

Obama claimed the Iraq War was a "stupid war", yet he hand-picked the very same folks who voted for the war and promoted the lies that took us there to run his foreign policy. 

Obama drops tens of thousands of bombs a year on seven countries and even boasts about it.

Obama is the first president to target and execute US citizens without due process:

Obama's bloody intervention in Libya is a complete disaster that continues to spiral out of control.

Obama bombed a hospital. Not a very nice thing to do and almost certainly a war crime.

Obama has overseen a massive expansion of the US military presence in Africa.
He recently killed 150 people in Somalia.

Obama has undermined the role of the press in three fundamental ways.

Obama waged war on journalists.

Obama Bombed twice as many countries as Bush.

Obama is the largest international weapons dealer.

Obama codified the outlaw process of drone killings and claims the right to conduct war anywhere in the world and assassinate targets as he sees fit.

Obama, despite another election promise, has not closed down the torture camp at Guantánamo where suspects waste away without the benefit of due process.

Obama is responsible for empowering the Salafists who helped destroy Syria. He has also armed other terror groups who pledge loyalty to the Islamic State.

Obama did nothing to punish the Wall St. criminals responsible for the sub-prime mortgage crisis. In fact his attorney general white-washed their crimes to help them avoid prosecution and is now back working for the very crooks he protected while in office.

Obama brokered more arms deals than any administration of the past 70 years, Republican or Democratic. He has supplied the weapons needed by the Saudis to wage their bloody war in Yemen.

Obama reauthorized the freedom-killing provisions of the Patriot Act.

Obama will keep 5,500 U.S. troops in Afghanistan after he leaves office in 2017, breaking his promise to end the war during his tenure. He said he would maintain only a small military presence based at the U.S. embassy there.

Obama lied when he said there would be "no boots on the ground in Syria" 

Obama Raised US Aid to Israel from 8 million to 11 million dollars a day. Taxpayers will give an additional $40 billion in military funding to Israel over a ten-year period.

Obama declared Bradley Manning guilty of crimes Before he was tried and says Hillary is innocent of criminal activity before she faces justice.

The final defense bill of Obama's presidency is a monument to tyranny and endless war. It makes zero cuts in the military, forces young women to register for the draft and expands the neocon's new cold war with Russia.

If a Republican were responsible for any of the above, the streets would be rightly filled with angry left wing protesters. Where are they?

Obama is, of course, not solely to blame for all the death and misery in the world, but he has been in control of the world's most powerful empire for nearly 8 years.

The war machine rolls on without interruption, the police state grows and corrupt institutions remain above the law.

Continuity of agenda.

Mission accomplished.


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