Monday, August 22, 2016

No Lives Matter (to the M.I.C.) by Cindy Sheehan

Dear Friend,

Last week, Dede's (my sister) cancer journey culminated in a long-awaited mastectomy. Unfortunately, we also discovered that her cancer has spread so the fight is not over by a long shot.

Even though I have had to cancel a few trips to protest because of Dede's cancer, there have not been a lot of opportunities or invitations to raise hell against the Empire. It is very disheartening to be trapped in a continuous election cycle where fear of the other rules the airwaves and good people who used to care about war under a Republican president fade into the wallpaper when a Democrat is CEO of USA Murder, INC.

The bottom-line is that the Democrat nominee is already a devoted war criminal and the Republican nominee attracts scary support but No Lives will Matter (except the lives of the 1%) to whichever one of these two scoundrels "wins" in November.

I feel like the Maytag Antiwar Activist--lonely and discouraged, but never dissuaded from the path of peace.

Peace and solidarity

Cindy Sheehan


  1. Keep strong, Cindy. After a long rest, I'm working on bringing feminists and women peace activists together where they naturally belong, in person locally and online. We gotta do it. Whichever deluded warmonger gets in there, accidental nuclear war with Russia could be right around the corner. I just re-read transcript of a 2003 Helen Caldicott speech I attended where she brought the issues together in her usually hardcore fashion. Rebooting my into a "transcending patriarchal violence and war" site. Building it from a skeleton this week - before August 26, womens' equality day. And before my next couple feminist meetings. So let's all keep working and praying!

  2. Between you and me, got inspired to put in a bit of text on my Women Must Act subpage and included videos of Helen, you and Medea speaking. YAY!!


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