Monday, April 2, 2018

Cindy Sheehan's Upcoming Organizing Tour for Women's March on Pentagon (For Immediate Release)

April 02, 2018


Ali A. Mirza 
Mirza Strategies and Public Relations, Inc. 

Internationally noted peace and social justice activist Cindy Sheehan has put out a call for an antiwar event named Women's March on the Pentagon. The call is being enthusiastically answered by women and supporters of women all over the country.
From her home in Vacaville Ca, Sheehan stated, "Out of all the actions or events I have organized since about 2008, this is the one that is receiving the most energy and excitement. I am about to leave for a five city tour on the East Coast which we hope will continue to energize people to build the biggest antiwar march of this decade."
The Women's March on the Pentagon is scheduled for October 21st which is the 51st anniversary of the first March on the Pentagon during the Vietnam War.
"Even though the United States is currently bombing seven or eight countries and has military personnel in over 130 countries of the world, the recent major marches have refused to address the US Empire as one of the "largest purveyors of violence in the world, today" (MLK, JR: April 04, 1967). Sheehan continued.
"On the 50th anniversary of MLK Jr's assasination and the 14th anniversary of my son, Casey's death in Iraq, I am embarking on this tour to join with other women and our supporters all over the country, and indeed world, to bring an end to the violence of the US and its global allies."
Cindy Sheehan and other organizers are available to answer questions.
For more information on the organizing tour, please go here.
For more information on the Women's March on the Pentagon, please go here. 

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