Sunday, April 1, 2018

Syrian Lives Matter with Guest: Janice Kortkamp (SOAPBOX PODCAST APRIL 1, 2018)

April 1, 2018

GUEST: Janice Kortkamp
TOPIC: Syrian Lives Matter

Kortkamp became an independent, completely self-funded, journalist after “seeing Western media bias regarding Syria and how that bias was promoting war and destabilization in Syria and all the Levant”. She has researched the current crisis for over five years, putting in over 6,000 hours of study. She has visited Syria four times in the past two years, spending months traveling around the major population areas and the outskirts of Damascus, Homs, Latakia (including Kessab), Tartous, Aleppo and Deir Ezzor. She has also gone to Germany, Lebanon, and Kuwait to meet with Syrian refugees and emigrants. Through friends and contacts in Syria as well as reports from news and government sources around the world, she tracks the situation on the ground in Syria constantly. 





  1. That was a wonderful interview with Janice Kortkamp. It shows you what we're really trying to do in Syria. We're not fighting to get rid of ISIS - we're fighting for regime change so we can control another country, and we'll use anybody we can to accomplish that purpose, including ISIS.

  2. Where in DC will you be April 5th??


  3. It is shameful how heartless, cutthroat, competive business world tactics run the world with the help of brainwashed religious crusaders of all sorts and racism making it even worse. Great interview. I am so glad there are people like the two of you getting the truth out there to the propagandize masses. Peace out ✌��


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