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“Speaking Truth to Empire” on KFCF 88.1 independently owned and locally operated since 1975 in Fresno, Dan Yaseen interviews Linda Pentz Gunter, she founded Beyond in 2007 and serves as its international specialist as well as its media and development director. Prior to her work in anti-nuclear advocacy, she was a journalist for 20 years in print and broadcast, working for USA Network, Reuters, The Times (UK) and other US and international outlets. In 2018, Linda launched a new web platform,, which aims to reframe the anti-nuclear message through a more human lens.

Her writings appear on, Counterpunch, Truthout and the Ecologist.


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Cutting Through the Impeachment Quagmire with Jon Jeter: (Recording of MoP Monthly Community Conference Call: 12/15/19)

December 15, 2019

The latest entry in March on the Pentagon's Community Conference call series is a conference call with "recovering" journalist Jon Jeter.

Jon and Cindy share their analysis of the impeachment imbroglio from a non-partisan perspective.

Please listen to this informative and interesting chat.


Thursday, December 12, 2019

Cutting Through the Impeachment Quagmire with Jon Jeter: (MoP Monthly Community Conference Call: 12/15/19)

Cutting Through the Impeachment Quagmire
Jon Jeter






Join March on the Pentagon and journalist Jon Jeter to discuss the impeachment show in DC; what is happening in the world that is being covered-up because of the wall-to-wall obsession with impeachment, and what does this mean for anti-imperialists and our movement?



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Imprison Pelosi for War Crimes The Continuing Saga of the Congressional Evil-Clown Show By Cindy Sheehan

Imprison Pelosi for War Crimes
The Continuing Saga of the Congressional Evil-Clown Show
Cindy Sheehan

The International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, which followed World War II, called the waging of aggressive war "essentially an evil initiate a war of not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.

Back in 2009 president-elect Barack Obama was asked by George Stephanopoulos if prosecuting the Bush regime for war crimes was in the cards and while rejecting that idea, he had this to say about investigating torture and the unnecessary deaths of over one million people in Iraq, “ (Obama held) "a belief that we need to look forward as opposed to looking backwards (sic).

I paraphrased Obama’s comment at the time as, “I cannot prosecute the former Commander in Chief, because I need the same professional courtesy from the one who will follow me.” Of course, after committing many such atrocious war crimes and crimes against humanity while U.S. president himself, my conjecture at his motives were unfortunately pretty on target. My hypothesis then was based not on a Tarot card or tea leaves reading, but the reading of past U.S. history. Even though the office of POTUS is riddled with thugs and war criminals, some massive, some not so massive (but still horrible), not one U.S. president has been held accountable.

I posted an article last week that I authored about the impeachment circus centering around House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her new-found zeal for the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution in prosecuting the Trump regime and one of the questions I asked was “why?” Why was she now such a “Warrior Goddess of the U.S. Constitution" when she refused to institute an investigation against the blatant war criminal George W. Bush? Well, recently at a CNN town hall meeting she appeared on, to my delight, an audience member asked him this very question.

Her answer (watch link here) was long, rambling, and at times incoherent, but basically, her answer boils down to: “Look, I was the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee before the war and we knew that Saddam had no WMD.” Then she went on to mock people who “still believe” that Iraq had anything to do with 9/11.

So, right there on national TV, without an ounce of shame or remorse, she admitted to being an accomplice of the Bush regime in war crimes and crimes against humanity. I am not an attorney or legal scholar, but I do know that there is no statute of limitations on murder and maybe a new wing should be added to Ft. Leavenworth prison to incarcerate every war criminal---Democrat or Republican--who lied about this mass murder.

Over one million Iraqi were killed in that war crime with several million more being displaced or maimed. BABIES are being born with deformities and children are dying from cancer at an alarming rate due to the introduction of depleted uranium and other war-toxins into that country by the US Military and its profiteers. This person Pelosi and everyone else who was complicit in these war crimes—including Secretary of State and noted war criminal Colin Powell who is now calling for Republicans to “do the right thing” and remove Trump from office—should be rotting in federal prison, at the very least.

I would like war criminal and apparent sociopath Pelosi to think about what she did and continues to do during this holiday season, being the “good Catholic” that she claims to be: not only did her lies and cover-up of the truth decimate Iraq (with the crimes continuing to this day), almost five-thousand US troops (including my son Casey) were killed with many more being wounded and about eight Iraq/Afghan veterans committing suicide every day, to this day. Unforgivably, Pelosi. is prospering and has her crime-family intact and she doesn’t have to go buy poinsettias for her son’s grave this holiday season.

My son Casey was a vibrant, loving human-being who did always try to do the right thing. The last time we physically saw him was Christmas of 2003, and he told everybody that he “didn’t want to go to Iraq, but he had to,” and he was certain that he couldn’t “kill anybody,” and he was killed in combat very shortly after he arrived.

Pelosi could have stopped this, slowed it down, or ameliorated the damage if she weren't such an A + member of the heinous U.S War Establishment. With the authority of being the "ranking member" of the House Intelligence Committee, she could have credibly made the case against war, but she knowingly and WITH MALICE aforethought chose not to. 

You will notice that Pelosi has been a fundamental player in US politics for several decades and in a leadership role for many of those years. POTUS administrations come and go, but Pelosi seems to be forever. One can argue that Pelosi is not a "major player" in US scandals, but I think the facts belie this. She is able to accumulate power through her wealth and longevity and I don't think anyone should underestimate her political cleverness, even if she's not very articulate at times. Pelosi openly admitted this on national TV and it makes me wonder about all the crimes she hasn't confessed to.

Pelosi and her ilk are drenched in the blood and gore of millions, but now she is going ahead with the impeachment of Trump for not selling weapons to the neo-Nazi’s in Ukraine fast enough (weapons that are used to murder their opposition)? For appealing to a Ukrainian official for the investigation of a Democrat (Biden) who was a member of a regime that helped to install those neo-Nazis in Ukraine in the first place and for using his influence as Vice President to get his son a very lucrative job? 

 In a different place, or time, maybe, Pelosi's admission would be monumental and proceedings would be instituted to hold those responsible accountable, but face it, we live in the era of the soundbite/worship of wealthy war criminals, but only we can prevent this from going down the memory hole with many other truly significant things. The antics of the clowns in Congress (and let's never forget the devious role of their minions in the corporate media) would be amusing if there weren’t so much at stake with their monumentally vicious crimes: the crimes of aggressive and pre-emptive war.

Related post: US Deceived Public on War in Afghanistan, Documents Reveal

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Just Say "No" to Military Recruitment. Video with Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan has been an influential voice in the Peace Movement for three presidencies. However, what was it that drove her to activism? We believe her story to be one of the examples of how the counter-recruitment organizations within NNOMY (The National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth) is motivated by a desire to avoid the human suffering that participating in war can entail. 

If you want to learn more about NNOMY's work, visit ------------- 

Music: A New Year by Scott Buckley Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: Music promoted by Audio Library



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Nancy Pelosi: Warrior Goddess of the U.S. Constitution by Cindy Sheehan (edited 12/08/19)

Nancy Pelosi: Warrior Goddess of the U.S. Constitution 
by Cindy Sheehan

Political "Enemies?" George and Nancy.

Even before my son Casey was killed in the U.S.’s occupation of Iraq in 2004, I could clearly see that the entire U.S. War on (of) Terror was based on lies and marketed to the American people using admittedly savvy techniques.

However, as egregious as attacking Afghanistan after the attacks on 9/11/01 was, the approaching disaster in Iraq loomed even more horrendously on the horizon. I mean Hillary Clinton and Condi Rice were warning of “mushroom clouds” and the (dis)honorable Colin Powell went to the UN to make the case for mobile WMD labs in Iraq. Edward Bernays (nephew of Freud and "Father" of modern propaganda and advertising) would have been very proud of the White House Iraq Group that devised all of these false, yet, if true, very compelling reasons to take out Saddam Hussein.

After Casey was killed and after we protested Bush at Camp Casey in Crawford, Tx in 2005, I increasingly came to realize that the Democrats were as big of frauds as were Bush/Cheney. Then House majority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-SF) took both of my hands in hers on a couch in her Capitol Hill office (which resembled what I would think of as the parlor of a brothel) looked me straight in my baby blues and said, “Cindy, if you help us (the Dems) take back the House in 2006, I promise you, we’ll help you end the war.” Well, part of that thing happened, we did help the Democrats “take back” the House in 2006, but they did not help us end any wars. Besides not helping us end any wars, Pelosi campaigned in 2006 on an “impeachment is off the table” platform that addressed the nascent “Impeach Bush and Cheney” movement that was percolating back then.

Me Sporting Impeach Bush and Cheney in 2007

In 2007, after Nancy and her cadre of nitwits in Congress didn’t

help us end any wars, but, in fact, they gave George Bush any amount of money to continue the wars that he asked for, the Impeach Bush/Cheney movement started to apply more pressure to Nancy and (now deceased) Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) who took over as chair of the House Judiciary Committee.

In fact, I visited Conyers many times in 2007 in his office in DC and at one such meeting, he wrote a list of ten obstacles to impeachment (he wrote it with his left hand to disguise the handwriting, we think), and #10 was “Pelosi.”

In July of 2007 at what would turn out to be the final of our “impeachment meetings,” 50 people, including me, were arrested in Conyers’ office demanding that as the chair of the important committee, he proceed with an impeachment investigation. It was so incongruous to many of us that when he was merely the “ranking member” of that committee in 2006, his staff researched and wrote a detailed and heavily documented blueprint for impeachment literally titled: The Constitution in Crisis: The High Crimes of the Bush Administration and a Blueprint for Impeachment .” Our question was then and remained to the day he died, “What changed from 2006 when you were merely the ranking member to 2007 when you were the chair? Did all those crimes disappear?”

The day we held the sit-in for impeachment and Conyers had us
arrested, I announced that I would run for Congress ( I came in 2nd with over 16% of the vote--unprecedented up to that point) against Nancy in 2008 for refusing to fulfill her duty to investigate and potentially impeach Bush and Cheney for (among other things) the lies and push for a war that has to this date killed, wounded, or displaced millions. As with the “leftover” toxins the people of Vietnam are still suffering from, the people, especially the children of Iraq are suffering from blood and hard tumor cancers, or being born horribly deformed from depleted uranium and other poisons left by the U.S. Military. U.S. imperialist war is a “gift” that keeps giving and no U.S. president has ever been held accountable for this sad truth.

So, Nancy, holding up her spear of pearl-clutching righteousness has now decided, in the twilight years of her political perfidy, to identify as The Warrior Goddess of the U.S. Constitution.

This individual who was the obstacle to impeaching a man who was clearly a mass-murderer, liar, and massive bonehead (not actually an impeachable offense, but worth noting) is now quoting the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution and warning of a general “collapse of civilization” if Trump is not impeached and removed. Even though I am not as keen on the tool of impeachment as I once was—-I prefer the French method: shut everything down in worker solidarity, I have wondered why Nancy refused to impeach one clearly criminal president but is going ahead with this one?

Not that I am a Trump supporter and not that I care if he is impeached, or not, (look in the wings to see what awaits—always some Enemy #1 of the people), but something hinky this way comes.

First of all, it’s also worth noting that George W. Bush comes from a long-line of deep state thugs. His grandfather Prescott Bush notably supported Hitler and a military coup against FDR and W's father (HW) was deep into the CIA and has been alleged to have been involved in the conspiracy to assassinate JFK, or at the very least the cover-up of that murder. On the other hand, Trump has been very critical of the CIA and other spooky organizations. Perhaps Pelosi has the backing of the deep state, or perhaps there is no question about it, she does.

Secondly, this impeachment dovetails perfectly with the unproven propaganda against Russia and Putin. Recently, Nancy shamelessly stated that we needed to “understand” that all “roads lead to Putin.” For Pete’s sake, when will this b.s. end? So, if “all roads lead to Putin,” then Hillary Clinton really did win in 2016 and to save civilization we need to “understand” this, even though, the fates only know where we’d be if the belligerent warmonger and destroyer of actual civilizations had won?

Thirdly, any crime that was charged against Bush/Cheney could be charged against any president before, or after them: Democrat or Republican. As a nation, the U.S. is ALWAYS at war somewhere, murdering somebody and Nancy and her Nitwits know that just as well, if not better, than we do. If any president is ever impeached and removed from office for war crimes or lying to get the nation into war, then the entire house of cards would collapse, for sure. Not that that would be a bad thing, for us and the rest of Earth, but for Nancy, Obama, Bush, Clinton, AND Trump, etc, it would be a total catastrophe. Nancy Pelosi, like all those before her, is nothing if not an able servant of Empire. 

Sec of State Hillary Clinton telling a "Hillary-ous" joke about the Brutal murder of Libya's Qaddafi

Finally, another question arises—-this Ukrainian angle exposes the Obama administration and Joe Biden in particular far more than it does Trump: if it was wrong for Trump to ask the president of the U.S. supported neo-Nazi Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter for using the office of the VP to obtain a very lucrative job for Hunter with a Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings, then why is Joe Biden still wreaking havoc on the campaign trail?  I have always said Trump shouldn’t be allowed to tweet on his own, and Biden should have a strict script to which he much adhere with no chance of adlib potential. Biden recently also verbally attacked an elderly man as a “liar” and “fat,” when the man asked about Biden’s questionable activities involving Hunter in Ukraine! What the hell, Democrats? You're allowing Biden to do the nearly impossible task of making Trump look almost sane.

While many were watching the impeachment folderol cranking on and off the TV, the Democrat majority House reauthorized the USA PATRIOT ACT this past November. The antics of the ruling-class in WashedUp, DeCeit make me wish they would just take up poisoning each other like in ancient Rome, or using Steel-cage Death Matches on the Ellipse to solve their petty differences and just leave us alone. I watch very little of the circus, but when I do see it, both sides make me sick with their political pandering masquerading as a deep respect and love for the Constitution and elusive “rule of law.”

Trump should be impeached for those Jazz Hands, amiright?

Nancy Pelosi served a paltry two-terms as Speaker of the House her first merry-go-round and lost her seat when the Republicans “took back” the house in the mid-terms of 2010 under an incomprehensibly popular Democrat President. Did her lack of political courage cost her the House that time? Will her born-again zeal for the “rule of law,” cost her this time? I feel like this is going to backfire on her and “civilization” might not be lost, but she may be forced to go back to her Brothel Parlor and dream of the glory days when she held the gavel for such a blink of time. 

(Author's note: I had previously reported an incident about Joe Biden talking about how children "rubbed" his leg hair while he was a lifeguard as a recent incident. It actually happened in 2017--while that is still troubling to me and it shows that maybe his mind has deteriorated further in two-three years, I have decided to remove that incident from this piece.)



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Virtual Book Burning? (Free PDF of The Obama Files: Chronicles of an Award-Winning War Criminal
I published The Obama Files in 2015 and after four years and virtually no promo, the sales have trickled down to practically zero on Amazon. 

I self-published it using Kindle Direct Publishing which is a division of Amazon and it was available "print on demand" (hard copy) or via e-reader. 

Anyway, after all this time, I was recently notified by KDP that the title of the book "violates" some kind of standard, even though it passed review while Obama was still president.

This leads me to believe that someone has complained and that my work is being censored.

Anyway, I am offering a free PDF copy of the book to download and use however you like. Share it with friends, enemies, or frenemies. It is now in the Public Domain.

The book is now complimentary, but if you would like to donate a bit to 
Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox that would be awesome, also.

Editor: Michele Fergus
Foreword: Larry Pinkney
Cover Art: Anthony Freda 

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Restore Democracy to Bolivia! Interview with GrayZone Journalist Ben Norton (RECORDING)

November 17, 2019

Tired of corporate media bullcrap?
For March on the Pentagon's Monthly Community Conference Call, Cindy Sheehan and other members welcomed The GrayZone journalist Ben Norton to speak about the real situation regards the military coup d'etat in Bolivia that occurred on 11/10/19.

This is a "must listen" interview, but only if you want the absolute truth.

Ben Norton


Sunday, November 10, 2019

Another US-Backed Coup in Latin America: Restore Evo to Bolivia! (Soapbox Special Report 11/10/19)

November 10, 2019

A Soapbox special report on the anti-democratic situation in Bolivia that is currently unfolding.

GUEST: Dakotah Lilly.

Listen to get the real scoop on the newest US-backed coup.

Evo Morales DID NOT resign, he was forced to leave at the "urging" of the Bolivian military.

Support Evo and the people of Bolivia!



Viva, Evo!


September/October 2019
Main Articles:
The State of the Union Under the Trump Regime
on Labor Day 2019
The USA is Long overdue for a do-over
Cindy Sheehan


Sunday, November 3, 2019

PG & E is Making California a "Shithole Country" by Cindy Sheehan

PG&E is Making California a “Shithole Country”

The Kincaid fire in Sonoma County is near where I live, but we are not inundated with smoke like with the Paradise fire.  However, much of Vacaville was without power or wifi for days on two separate occasions, in October. Ironically, despite the punitive power shutoffs, PG&E's aging and poorly maintained equipment probably caused the Kincaid fire. 

PG&E has for decades spent money on executive bonuses, salaries (, donations to individual campaigns and lobbying ( and to conservative sides of propositions in California (such as same-sex marriage and labeling GMOs---against both). So, what if they spent all these millions in repairing their equipment so they can provide power (at a premium) with those who are forced to use that power being assured of a reasonable expectation of safety.

Last year around this time when PG&E burned down Paradise, California, killing dozens and destroying a perfectly fine community, my community was living under a deadly blanket of toxic smoke. Even going out with a mask on (if you could find one to buy) was not sufficient and I know I, for one, got really ill from it. 

We sit in our homes with the wind beating the shit out of us wondering when it will be our community burning down and these power outages are not helping anything. Between power outages and people dying, of course, there’s no choice, but there are other options that need to be put into place quickly!

As we know there are no power “needs,” only power “wants,” but under late-stage, predatory capitalism, the criminal profiteers have made it nearly impossible to live/make a living without power. 

When businesses are closed, most of the workers are not making any wages. I have read of restaurants losing thousands of dollars of food while we residents of the dystopian PG&E-fiefdom also lose freezers filled with leftovers, etc. My son, for example, was off for a week because the office of his employer is near the Kincaid fire and many of his colleagues have been evacuated or are under the threat of imminent evacuation. Again, no work, no pay---except for the fat cats in Sacramento or in the boardroom of PG&E. 

Recently, PG&E President and CEO Bill Johnson was interviewed by a reporter from an SF Bay Area news show and when asked about the cost to Californians of these outages and fires, he very arrogantly had this to say: 
"These events can be hard on people, really hard on people, particularly people who have struggles anyways and there are community-based things you can do, food banks, these kinds of things. But for us, you know the main thing is we didn't cause any fires, we didn't, for these people we didn't burn down any houses, the Kincade fire is still under the investigation, I got that, but one of the things we did was give them the opportunity to actually refill their refrigerator 'cause their house is still there."

There are many disturbing factual errors in the above statement, but the hubris of telling we rate-paying peasants to go to "food banks" to restock our freezers (is PG&E donating millions to these mostly heroic food banks?) is heightened by the fact many PG&E board members are compensated in seven-figured packages.

 Governor Gavin Newsom is offering no solutions except to say, “this has been decades in the making,” and that scoundrel belongs to one of the top Democrat families that (along with the Feinsteins, Jerry Browns, and Pelosis) have allowed PG&E to lay siege to the public commons so that a handful of murderers can earn millions of dollars. PG&E has been allowed for far too long to pillage and poison California! Enough is enough, already!

Besides the discussions of how to “get off the grid,” the positive thing about this entire situation is that ordinary people (not activists, not anarchists, not socialists, not communists) are outraged and no one is complacent about this. I hear, “PG&E’s equipment should be seized by each community and we should form our own utility districts,” from the most surprising sources: my bus driver; two older gentlemen I was walking behind at the park today; a librarian: no one is complacent. Also, there is much discussion about breaking up monopolies and political dynasties, which is urgently needed.

In my opinion, these power outages seem to be random and ineffective, with power out on one side of a street, but not the other---with power out in interior clumps of Vacaville, but not other areas---and, like stated above, the Kincaid fire was caused by faulty PG&E equipment---so I think PG&E is punishing Northern California for finally fining it for the devastation caused in Paradise, after raising our rates, of course. PG&E is trying to turn my beautiful state into one of Trump’s “shithole countries.” The next thing we know the Clinton Foundation will be swooping in to “save us;” goddess, that’s all we need!

Of course, catastrophic climate change is playing a role in the new season in Cali, called “Fire Season,” but there sure would be far fewer fires and damage if PG&E had been attending to its equipment and not its profits. 

Public power should not be for-profit but should be put under the democratic control of each community with the goal of providing safe power and the exploration of alternative forms of energy.
I don’t know anyone in my town that is itching to burn it down for a few dollars.


"Only the people can save the people" (Soapbox Podcast 11/3/19)

November 3, 2019

Guest: Dakotah Lilly

Topic: People Power in Vz and the pathetic state of the puny "left" in the U.S.

Dakotah Lilly

This week, Cindy welcomes back our good Soapbox friend Dakotah Lilly and they chat about their affection for the late Hugo Chavez and their hope in popular people power in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Also, how can we here in the belly of the most vicious beast on Earth create positive change when we can't even overcome factionalism of the fractured left? Any dissent from the dominant paradigm of "identity politics" is immediately attacked and dissenters are wrongfully labeled as "fascist."

Anyway, listen to the interview for more information on these topics!

Click this image to listen to the Soapbox Interview with Hugo Chavez



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Speaking Truth to Empire w/Dan Yaseen (October 2019 Edition)

On “Speaking Truth to Empire” on KFCF 88.1 independently owned and locally operated since 1975 in Fresno, Dan Yaseen interviews David Swanson, an author, activist, journalist, and radio host. He is the director of  He is the author of several books. Swanson has spoken on a variety of topics related to war and peace all over the United States and in many countries. He blogs at and They will talk about an anti-war conference called ‘NoWar2019 Pathways to Peace’ that took place on October 5 and 6 in Limerick, Ireland organized by World Beyond War.

Friday, October 11, 2019

It's a Beautiful Day to Rage! (March on the Pentagon Press Release)

For Immediate Release



Emma Fiala:

Where: Meet at the White House 
(Lafayette Parkside)

When: 11 Am
(10 Am for poster making; Civil Resistance Training) 

After 18 years that the U.S. has been in Afghanistan, in a war that never should have taken place anyway, today is the day that activists from all over the U.S. will gather in the nation's capital to Rage Against the War Machine.

Building upon last year's successful "Women's March on the Pentagon," antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan and many others will take to the streets of D.C. to Rage Against Trump at the White House; Rage Against Sanctions at the I.M.F.; Rage Against the Democrats at Farragut Square; Rage Against Think Tanks at the Atlantic Council; Rage Against War Profiteers at Booz Allen Hamilton; and finally, Rage Against the Corporate Media and the 1% at the Washington Post.

Cindy Sheehan, speaking from Washington D.C. had this to say about the strategy of marching through D.C. on a Friday, "too many times, I have come to D.C. and marched on a weekend, where all we were doing was shaking our fists at empty buildings and performing for tourists. On a Friday, we may not be able to gather as many people with us to protest, but we will be able to hit the Beast where it counts and reach out to workers and citizens who may not otherwise be seeing the entire picture of what this Empire does to people."

For more information go, please click on the Mascot for March on the Pentagon, #BadassBillie


Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Two Days Until We Rage (For Immediate Release: March on the Pentagon Press Release)

October 9, 2019

For immediate release:

Two Days Until We Rage!

CONTACTS:     Cindy Sheehan

                           Emma Fiala

Where:              The White House; 1600 Pensylvania Ave

Date:                  Friday, October 11th

Time:                 11 AM

Who:                Activists from all over the US who are outraged by                            the continuing wars and devastation wrought by the
                         USA and its allies in war crimes.

What:              An unpermitted march through the seat of violent
                        imperial power to Rage against the institutions, 
                        people, and corporate power that make the wars and
                        other oppressions possible.


Please read this statement by Black Alliance for Peace about Rage Against the War Machine.

Watch interview of Cindy on Mintpress News

Listen to this interview of Cindy on Loud and Clear