Monday, July 22, 2019

War, what is it good for? A conversation with Robbie Martin and Cindy Sheehan (March on the Pentagon)

March on the Pentagon Presents
"War What is it Good For"
Our Monthly Community Conference Call

With Robbie Martin
Podcast & Video Producer, Writer)
Cindy Sheehan
Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox 

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  1. Like Pinochet, the Shah's crimes are still unknown to America, they don't understand why they stormed our embassy (and killed no one). To say "dictator" doesn't convey the message, it goes right over American's heads.

    “I believe for many years now that journalism, particularly television journalism, by its failure to show the real horror of war has become a lethal weapon supporting governments that want to go to war.”
    -Robert Fisk (Middle East Correspondent, The Independent)
    “Pinochet’s humanitarian violations have been euphemized by the media for general consumption. We are presented with words, but not images. We read about “torture” or “disappearance” rather than protracted descriptions of the crimes. This form of synecdoche has become widely abused as it has given the world the luxury of debating the abuses without tackling the reality.”

    “When Iris and I discuss torture, she vaguely refers to how terrible “it” was and shakes her head. She then focuses on telling me about her family and how valuable they have been. In a way, we dance around the ugliness of the crimes just as the media and post-Pinochet debates do. The difference is we aren’t avoiding something unknown, but rather something she knows too well.”


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