Thursday, October 29, 2020

Madelyn Hoffman: Green Candidate for Peace and Social Justice! (Soapbox Podcast 10.29.2020)


October 29, 2020



Guest: Madelyn Hoffman

Topic: Elections, 3rd Party Politics, Peace

Where will we be on November 4th? 

Madelyn Hoffman is a longtime advocate and activist for peace and social justice. Her platform is a platform for the people and something to be striven for all the time! Cindy Sheehan (not the Soapbox) enthusiastically endorses Madelyn Hoffman for NJ Senate over the war criminal, Cory Booker (D). Not a wasted vote, but a principled one!




It's Time, New Jersey!

Madelyn Hoffman is running in 2020 to put a stop to the endless wars both at home and abroad that are supported by both mainstream political parties.


She believes that health care is a human right and supports a plan to enact improved and expanded single-payer form of medicare for all! She supports a real Green New Deal, one that is linked to cutting the bloated military budget, and real investment into renewable energy. She supports reparations for African-Americans and indigenous people, and the complete abolition of ICE. 


She will advocate for tuition free public college, student loan forgiveness, improving public schools, increased veterans’ benefits, clean, lead-free water in New Jersey, vital infrastructure repair, green public transportation, and more.


Madelyn is the most intersectional and inclusive candidate in the race and needs your support, so she can support you.


Contact Madelyn's Campaign:

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