The New War Criminal is the Same as the Old War Criminal, and the other one and Ad Nauseum (Cindy Sheehan)


 February 26, 2021
Dear Soapbox Friend/Supporter/Comrade,
This will probably come as a surprise to no one reading this that we here at the Soapbox condemn in the strongest possible way the bombing of Syria by the Biden regime.
Even though we are not surprised at the bombing, and even though we warned that it would happen under the War Criminal Biden, we can (for whatever it's worth) oppose it.
Yesterday I sent out this newsletter: #46, First Month-(Ish)  before the announcement of the escalation of the bestial U.S. conflict in Syria.
"Didn't the Obama regime prove that no matter who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, the bloody U.S. empire continues, because the problem is systemic, not cosmetic? Voting for Joe Biden will be just like slapping a fresh coat of white paint on a dilapidated building and thinking everything is somehow fine now."
Under the compromised, sham voting system in the United States, we realistically know that one of the pro-capitalist; pro-war politicians is going to win, but I really would like to know how continuing to support and vote for known and unrepentant war ciminials is going to end the wars? YOU ARE GOING TO GET WHAT YOU VOTE FOR (every time). 
Reports claim that many Democrat House Members are, in my opinion, rightfully frightened that Joe Biden is the only one who has the diabolic ability to launch a nuclear war, but with this recent military misadventurism in Syria (which has an ally in another nuclear power, Russia), he is putting our own lives and existence of humanity in peril.
Solutions? Speak out against the war machine; oppose war criminals no matter what Party of War they affiliate with; realize that the people of Syria (and elsewhere) have the same existential right as you do, (maybe even more since they are being targeted by your own country); international solidarity is the only thing that can stop the garbage of the U.S. War Machine. We should also ask "why?" Syria has never attacked the U.S. and is fighting for national sovereignty over its natural resources and destiny. One of the only things the U.S. still manufactures is tools for the War Machine, so it needs war to use those tools to be able build others: for the profit of a few and heartache of the many. Biden is just another in a long line of able acolytes to the Demons of War.
Unfortunately, while the U.S. is literally crumbling below our feet, Imperialism and profiteerism will increase with the Biden/Harris regime and the question I pose is, "What are we going to do about it?"
Bashaar Al-Assad and the people of Syria have resisted the military meddling of the U.S. through three political regimes, but, today, Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox reaffirms our solidairty with the people of Syria: may they swiftly throw off the chains of U.S. Imperialism once and for all. For peace.
In solidarity,
Cindy Sheehan


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