Thursday, October 6, 2016

Syria: Truth and Consequences (Soapbox Podcast with Coleen Rowley)

OCTOBER 6, 2016

Guest: Coleen Rowley
Topic: Clearing up Liberal blather RE: Syria 

Liberal and shadowy sites like and The Syria Campaign
are propagating false claims about Syria and the urgent need for a 
No Fly Zone (NFZ) instituted by the US that could result in another tens of thousands of deaths as did the NFZ resolution that precipitated the destruction of Libya.

Please listen to the show and read the supporting articles.

COLEEN ROWLEY has a long list of credentials that give her legitimacy to comment on this dire situation.

Relevant articles: 

Inside the Shadowy PR Firm That’s Lobbying for Regime Change in Syria 

by Max Blumenthal


Revoke the Reward for NATO'S White Helmets


Last month, a top U.S. general warned that instituting a no-fly zone in Syria ‘would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia,’ a move that could ultimately provoke a devastating nuclear confrontation between superpowers.


Beating the drums for war with Russia


6 October 2016


In Syria, militias armed by the Pentagon fight those armed by the CIA 


Obama Warned to Defuse Tensions with Russia

Consortium News





  1. From Terry Burke. I agree that Syria is an incredibly complex situation. How can Ms. Rowley, with no Middle East background, someone who does not engage with Syrians, speak as an authority on such a complex topic? She was legal counsel for the FBI. How does that make her a knowledgeable expert on a war with many sides in the Middle East??? To understand a country, one should ignore the people from that country...just read articles of one's choice from the internet??? Voila! An expert!

    1. I have been a part of a peace delegation sent to Syria in 2015. Having no "minders" to restrict my travel or to limit the Syrians I spoke to -and no topics were off table- I can tell you that somewhere between 75% and 80% of the Syrians living in Syria truly do respect and support President Assad. This has been set up since the mid-2000's in order for Qater to have a pipeline built through Syria and into Turkey ,eventually flowing into the EU. This was never a "Civil War" and I'd be happy to explain more to anybody interested. Thank you, John Mesler

    2. Shame on you and your husband for ceaselessly spreading war propaganda and working against efforts at "ceasefires" and for the neocons' "regime change" that have now taken hundreds of thousands of lives. Here is a recent expose of how this propaganda is created and spread by Terry and her ilk: As we now move to dangerous nuclear brinkmanship with Russia, Terry will not be happy until she and her warhawk friends have set the world on fire. "The neocons are like pyromaniacs who set a fire and then laugh when no one can put it out."

  2. All the Syrians here are not Chalabi. As Yassin Al Haj Saleh, one of Syria's leading political dissidents writes, "The problem is that their narrow anti-imperialist worldview only sees Obama, Putin, Holland, Erdoğan, Khamenei, Qatari Emir Hamad, Saudi King Abdullah, Hassan Nasrallah, and Bashar al-Assad. Possibly they see also Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. We, rank-and-file Syrians, refugees, women, students, intellectuals, human rights activists, political prisoners … do not exist."

  3. As a long time 3rd party voter I must say this is not the time. Jill Stein is in favor of mandatory vaccination. Johnson has lost his senses. It comes down to this, a Dem or Rep will be elected. One is a war hawk. One is for diplomatic solutions.

    1. Which one is in favor of a diplomatic solution and which one do you consider a war hawk. Obviously Clinton is the war hawk. Last night in the debate she seemed to be salivating for war.

    2. I agree with Cindy. Clinton repeated her vow to bomb Syria (her code is "no fly zone") and Russia, risking WWIII. Trump disagreed with his own VP Pence who wants, like Killary, to bomb Syria. Killary also supports "first striking" with nuclear bombs while Trump opposes "first strike."

  4. Great interview. Thank you. More on Avaaz:


    "The Ivy League bourgeoisie who sit at the helm of the non-profit industrial complex will one day be known simply as charismatic architects of death. Funded by the ruling class oligarchy, the role they serve for their funders is not unlike that of corporate media. Yet, it appears that global society is paralyzed in a collective hypnosis – rejecting universal social interests, thus rejecting reason, to instead fall in line with the position of the powerful minority that has seized control, a minority that systematically favours corporate interests."


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