Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Sam Husseini on Bio-Terror and Lab Leaks (SOAPBOX PODCAST JUNE 29, 2021)


June 29, 2021




Guest: Journalist, Sam Husseini

Topic: Bio-terror and Lab Leaks




Cindy and Sam chat about state-led bio-terror, the possible (probable) origins of Covid and why is the establishment NOW talking about lab leaks---what is their possible agenda?

For more information on the topic, also listen to this longer interview Sam did with journalist Whitney Web:

COVID origins and Gain of Function with Sam Husseini 



The Soapbox was publicly talking about lab origins and gain of function research back in March, 2020

Clarity on Corona with Sayer Ji 

(Soapbox Podcast March 29, 2020)







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